Chengdu garrison command is united in wedlock " restful the 10 or 20 days follow
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On January 21, the author is in the Chengdu City " spring technology of safeguard of carry highway traffic compares fierce activity " the spot sees, the group of safeguard of commando equipment technology that Chengdu garrison command organizes carries technical element to detect in car security technology, defy with each ace in the topic such as lash-up rush to repair, obtain an organization finally to always divide the first.
As we have learned, comparing fierce activity this is to answer municipal government is strengthened spring car technology is ensured during carry, raise Chun Yunan total level and begin. Garrison command is chance with comparing connecting with the boxing skill this, adopt the traffic below condition of imitate future war to carry the idea that safeguards an environment, increase training difficulty, help commando element rise already take part in the match ability, extend training space effectively again, fall to raise field operations requirement uninterrupted accompany type technology to ensure ability to explore new approach.

New year's day just passed this year, chengdu garrison command the unified deploy according to Chengdu municipal Party committee, municipal government, personnel of service of constituent commando provision assists a place to do well with " restful the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day " the each safeguard activity that gives priority to a problem, build quiet and auspicious greet environment of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day. In the meantime, this garrison command organizes personnel of commando provision service to use this one activity to extend training space actively, bu Qixun is experienced " short board " , realize strong in resort to arms arms.

Footstep of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day is close, training atmosphere is thick. What this garrison command belongs to person fierce ministry to be in " restful the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day " in the activity, in the light of search the training weak point that give, begin solid actively to fill by force to train infirmly. The person fierce ministry such as area of Hou of county of area of dragon spring post, big city, fierce organizes lash-up commando to cooperated public security mechanism to begin drilling of lash-up of linkage of whole of security of society repeatedly. During training, ministry of 3 people fierce just will draft those who finish to make " be on guard communal sudden incident beforehand case " in using process of true soldier drilling, have the aid of alarm civilian linkage leads communication network, exercise army land director to cooperate with already ability, what enhance commando lash-up element again is fast build up and lash-up deals with ability, in the meantime, examine in drilling lash-up beforehand case, to next perfecting beforehand case provide a basis, with one action 3. New year's day eve, lash-up of Taurus area commando is connected and lash-up of commando of black sheep area provided tool of the traffic such as autocycle, broadcasting station, communication repeatedly, laid better equipment foundation to raise quick response ability to hit. Chengdu garrison command edits in time lash-up arouses beforehand case, enroll lash-up of these two commando repeatedly first arouse quickly echelon formation. Make up beforehand in new the commando signal company of the area, suffer after during getting the Spring Festival, processing breaks out incident spot communication to guarantee the job, ministry of fierce of this area person field " place dash forward " communication safeguard training and master the communication equipment tie that deserves newly to send to rise, make field communication ensures synchronism of ability and ability of new equipment application to promote.
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