Terminally of hopeful of Changsha high school student is outdoors extend
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"In personal experience after extending an activity, we discover form of this kind of activity exercised physical ability not only gladly, still have profit very much to fostering group spirit of the student. " eve, extend an activity specially to undertake in Changsha outskirts.
The educational director that comes from more than 50 middle school of whole town tried personally outdoors extend an activity, whole town high school student had after the activity ends outdoors extend mobile seminar, chief expresses on the meeting related city education bureau, high school student of whole henceforth town should strive for every semester to attend outdoors extend an activity.
City teachs bureau student to be in Wang Benjiao of deputy director general to think, extend motion to be helpful for a student developing eye shot and increase integrated quality capacity, conduce to especially strengthen student self-confidence heart and education group spirit, and these just are current teenage student most be short of the share that lose. To specific executive measure, he introduces, can have an organization by city education bureau, also can organize by each school proper motion, but the student union cadre that city education bureau can organize each middle school undertakes in advance extends training. And outdoors extend a place to be surely inside the the Changsha City, avoid the school to take the opportunity the organization travels. Stem from the consideration of safe element, the meeting is referenced before the practice of spring outing, Qiu You, mobile arrangement must report city education bureau to undertake putting on record first, and do not allow to collect fees in order to extend in disorder for the name.

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