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Qingdao news network on June 2 dispatch reporter from Ao Fan appoint know, on May 31 - on June 1, ao Fan appoint volunteer department and combination of each business section, groom integratedly to what volunteer of 524 sports meets undertook two batch, example mark wears Bencipei Ao Fan surpasses major of sports meet volunteer to groom the job is started in the round.

The volunteer that grooms on the weekend originally basically comes from organization of Wu of service of audience service, content shedding, traffic, ticket, contest, Olympic Games to divide a village 6 function, besides the volunteer key member that has played test game twice, still have each function department the volunteer of new 2008 recruit. Major grooms curricular structure pays attention to theory and practice photograph union, academic courses includes to watch an area to serve traffic of standard, Olympic Games standard of brief introduction of village of standard of Wu of knowledge and place traffic streamline, ticket and spectator boat service, Olympic Games and international area service, plan chronometer divides academic, boat to a light boat locates and drive theory, water. Practice link included storage to deserve to send look around, drive drilling and Olympic Games village drive to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot on formal spot drilling, water.

Volunteer service process is surpassed to use knowledge of major of each function branch in great quantities when the lieutenant general in Ao Fan in view of the volunteer, very tall to post skill requirement. To raise the specific aim that major grooms and actual effect sex, volunteer department organized Ao Fan appoint all project director is participated in among them, delibrate prepares lessons into what went to relapse before grooming, made science groom plan. Each project directors groom through making teaching plan, can practice mastery of a skill or technique personally besides oneself besides, the standard that still mastered a service and schoolteaching skill. In groom each project was in charge of classmate study, as joint as volunteers training to also create the environment that communicates adequately with the volunteer, lay a foundation to issue ground of quality of first-order stage high to begin post to groom.

Begin from April, ao Fan appoint organized sports meet volunteer to attend military training early or late, extend training to reach general groom congress, concentration was watched " the volunteer is general groom high-quality goods course " video, up to now, groom in average per capita of green sports meet volunteer accumulative total amounts to 24 class hour. Will come 30 days on May 22, candidate of volunteer of constituent collectivity sports meet attended current knowledge online test, percent of pass is 92% , june the middle ten days of a month, volunteer department will organize make-up examination, not participant and make-up examination are unqualified person surpass Ao Fan be cancellinged volunteer service qualification. Leave one stage, volunteer department will according to groom plan and leader groom to the volunteer working requirement, come from May 31 volunteer of each functional organization plans as a whole to begin major to groom centrally between July 8, will undertake 2 times assessing to the volunteer after major grooms, volunteer department extends Xiang Peixun's eligible volunteer each " the volunteer grooms certificate " , test eligible square can mount guard serves. (reporter Ren Junfeng)
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