Leader of the 36 high levels in the name joins unconscious group of golden short
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On April 19 afternoon - on April 20, 36 medium, high levels head unconscious group of golden short for the Yihe River, attended to know Chun Huju to go in Linyi " group win-win " extend training.

Join the staff of training, finished indoors " trustful buttock " , " 7 colour spell a plan " , " Gu island minister " " detect a mine " wait for a project. Risking harships, in the headroom of 7 meters of above outdoor, finished " the horizontal bar in sky " , " break the bridge " wait for tall difficulty project, showed Jin Yi adequately to cover a person take the bull by the horns, the mental scene that is brave in to challenge, be groomed of the coach speak very highly of.

Pass training, group and individual close in the contest in challenge and fusion, grow, make everybody realised adequately " rely on an individual hard, rely on a group successfully " truth. An enterprise wants to have greater progress, must put group profit in the first, individual interest wants obedient group profit; The union with the common effective cause that wants an individual target to be the same as a group rises, make actively can " communicate effectively, resource is shared, cooperate tacit, each other accredit " efficient group.

It is reported, extending training is the potential with arousing a person, enhance group collaboration consciousness, training supervisor is decision-making the synthesis test form of all drive, executive ability grooms means, sex of ideological content of be in harmony, education, challenge sex, practical for an organic whole. (Li Zhitao)

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