Visit a sacred land of Zhengzhou city water supply 4: Wish celestial bodies of a
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Core clew: Of the party seventeen emphasize greatly, the party should stand in times front row to guide people to initiate a career to develop new phase ceaselessly, must strengthen oneself construction in order to reform innovation spirit, the adamancy that makes career of Chinese characteristic socialism from beginning to end leads core.

Come nearly two years, head office of Zhengzhou town tap water is in education of management of cadre of leading group construction, middle-level, Party member and management, enlarge basic level to wait for a respect democratically within the party
Took a series of new move, promoted industry leading Party group to knit the effective play of battle fort action and action of type of Party member van, be each company job finish offerred strong politics to assure.

Within the party democratic ticket chooses candidate

On November 29, 2007, to head office of Zhengzhou town tap water Shi Foshui is an unforgettable day for Wang Zhanjiang of secretary of factory Party branch, this day he is elected as secretary of Party branch of works of water of the Buddha that it is stone again. But be elected this however with differ before: Its candidate is by entire plant Party member the ticket is pushed.

Head office of Zhengzhou town tap water is the company of urban water supply with Henan the biggest province, party member 1326, party member gross occupies the 33 % of worker gross. According to before practice, candidate of Party branch secretary is raised by previous term or session appoint can nominate, consider deciding through party group, after signing up for ranking leading Party group to knit approval, have balance vote. The bill that this the company implements chooses candidate, poll by all Party member, press so that more or less the ticket decides candidate, next the member that reelection lifts a ministries and commissions and branch secretary. "Pressure of the feeling before the election is very great! " Wang Zhanjiang says, if ticket number is little, cannot be elected as candidate, cannot enter the election of branch committee member and branch secretary with respect to affirmation. After be elected, he fulfils obligation of good branch secretary seriously, hold to a principle, maintain good Party member and worker interest.

Of the party seventeen greatly party organization advances basic level to be built democratically within the party provided academic support, party committee of head office of Zhengzhou town tap water is on the foundation of the seventeen great mind of development study party, in order to reform innovation attitude, ticket of Party member of ensemble of the try out in changing a vote is organized to turn candidate system in basic level party, respect main body position of the Party member and desire further, aroused a Party member to participate in basic level to organize the enthusiasm of construction and active drive.

"4 good " engine hurried company grows
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