Shang Ruihua says hopeful solidarity problem solves women football team member l
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Comprehensive information Shang Ruihua takes up the post of our newspaper practice of women football bishop has approached half month, guide in his below, once the change that whether had the women football that the disorder can'ts bear had substaintial sex? Accepting the Shang Ruihua when interviewing to express a few days ago, all women football team member has united afresh, the training mood of this paragraph of time is good also, team is uniting a thought hard, prepare for war with all one's strength the Asian cup by May.

Unitive problem already was solved

As the coach of a veteran, shang Ruihua closes strung to have a few results and medium very much in processing team, mix like confabulate e.g. what cooperate Zhu Heyuan the leader of a sports team to do extended the activity that trains a kind to alleviate well the nervous atmosphere that once existed between the player. Centre of gravity of business luck Chinese says longly: "The goal of the player is very actually simple, come namely of kickball. Team member people pretty good also, know overall situation is attached most importance to, everybody can be subject to. The Olympic Games should arrive immediately, everybody is very anxious, prepare for war the problem that the Olympic Games can say is a " of " major issues of principle, if still be pestered now at a few vimineous, that team member also too... "

Team member level is right still

Chinese women football showed the 14th to had slidden in world rank, but look in Shang Ruihua this is not Chinese women football the report of real actual strength, it is very pretty good that in his heart level of women football team member is returned, "Although two this years team actual strength glides somewhat really, but still do not have the room for action that sees who is defeated by -- after all we still have on the outstanding player that the century is born at the beginning of 80 time, still two worlds blueness surpasses the member of runner-up. Connect such Italian team impossibly to had been not hit. " look reach, shang Ruihua issues the actual strength of child to him body or have very strong hope.

Teach outside cannot save women football

Chinese women football asked two ocean commander in chief early or late, it is Swedish Duomansiji and French respectively Yi Lisha is white, among them Duomande went to China of fan approbate. Nevertheless Shang Ruihua has his view: "We asked two foreign nationality coaches, the level of Chinese women football also does not have what produce essential sex at this point to rise. Duomansiji is in when, everybody is evaluated pretty good, but the achievement of the world cup namely the 5th, the integral that this the 5th integral still takes the first world cup to obtain the 5th without me is tall. Yi Lisha is white, more did not say. more did not say..

Olympic Games index is not main

Mere a year before, what bear on body of Chinese women football still is the target that the Olympic Games seizes a card, and had held this kind of extravagant hopes again without the person now.
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