Trials of emissary of Fit Lady figure is entered outdoors extend training phase
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Be eager for doing sth

Experienced a week anew the " hardships " that delicacy wants to count a day to pass to as dry as a chip hardship amusedly arrives again after foundation of type of Fit Lady advance gradually grooms, what trials of emissary of Fit Lady figure entered the 2nd week is outdoors extend training.

16 days of evening, all student are cherished already curious excited mood attended to start groom congress. Because all the time since do not be clear about even the closest custody teacher also had not disclosed any outdoors the content that extends training, knowing only will be the secret product that provides challenge sex extremely. Mysterious outdoors groom teacher eventually look good as result of recieving praise, 4 strong male two petite ladies, the teacher of the leader of a sports team says this is to raise everybody's hope.

Outdoors the psychokinesis that extended the mainest purpose is the group collaboration drive that develops a player and individual. According to name number, 30 players are divided into 3 teams, call " SUPER FIT " respectively, " of " SUPER SUPER LADY and " fly cross " . The 3rd group of " fly model of the line that cross " is flown across jointly for " , cross difficulty " in all, team song unites for " is force " , is originality added abided by teacher of the leader of a sports team strictly casual the requirement that raise? D? D " guides next whole group in chorus to call line model " 3 times in captain, " flies the team that cross " unplugs before set out head preparing is won first have originality team name most.

Journey brief introduction

17 days

In the morning: Does country forest pass through? D? D place: 3 inferior butterfly cereal, be like virgin forest.
Midday: The end passes through, pedestrian mangrove groove guard, arrive at beach, have simple and convenient lunch.
Afternoon: Type extends field game, raise tent.

In the evening: Camping ground dinner, use the candle and the empty canister of the water that drink evening to build bonfire evening party.

18 days

In the morning: The beach makes a picture,
Plunge into balsa to beg cross: Requirement? D? D uses empty model batch can to plunge into balsa by the requirement, want to be able to bear the weight of team member of dress the ranks (considering safety, do not make beg cross)
Midday: Lunch
Afternoon: Sum up congress, be over

Equipment ransacks greatly

70 litres carry bursa on the back, fast dry take, shoe of beach of climbing boot \ each pair, waterproof raincoat takes, jungly cap, night inspects the lamp, last jug (insurable Xian Shuida becomes 30 days) , pocket, picnic boiler (two people one) , moistureproof mat wigwam each one (use for 3 people) .

Food: Chocolate together, biscuit a packet, banger a bag, apple two, milk two bottles, cool tea two bottles, green melon, tomato patch each 2, do not disrelish the person that the burden is weighed, illicit the person that take provision is additional plan (be like an egg) .
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