Extend the emotional education in training
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"Search ah search ah look for a friend, find a good friend... " we are singing this Tong Yao to be brought up, a few people among us ever also were in " look for a friend " in game from unfamiliar turn into be familiar with. Look, game has kind of magic power namely, let stranger become close.

A twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of A of psychologist of United States of no less than? Ailong and Barbara? Fuleili ever had done a classical test, two people that investigator lets have never met before are in interesting game cooperation, learn dance together for instance, but want a person to wear deputy blindfold, another holds a straw, dance at the same time at the same time thickness ground chats. This kind of scene looks be like comical absurdity, but close feeling can be in however two the individual's to one's heart's content arise spontaneously in the yock.

Game can enhance close sense, because psychology considers to prove,be, with general communication means photograph is compared, have in game many body contact, and the person experiences in the affection when body lay a finger on the deepest, cause the attention of the other side more easily thereby, pull close each other distance. Additional, game brings happy, excited experience more easily to people. Below cheerful, rising mood, people is loosened more easily, and be happy communicate. The case that strengthens stranger to feel intimately through game is not scarce on psychology, below 3 kinds are more general.

New employee extends training. Nowadays is not little company popularity extends training for new employee organization, in the collective that comprises in game, return unfamiliar each other can be communicated, understanding, share experience, had more self-identity and attributive feeling to new job and surroundings. In short time, to finish game job, everybody solidarity, each other accredit, understanding and include, very fast be in harmony arrived one case.

Campus game. There also are a lot of grounds in campus the characteristic such as student psychology, physiology, age, the design gets lively and interesting play. Act through the part, let a student experience the different feeling of different role to suffer below specific environment, the change is inherent, or it is undeserved understanding, promote each other confluence and contact. Teach Yu Le's game the activity through contain, not only promotional emotive of the thought between the student is communicated, still can produce a kind of close move, form friendly affection then, help each other, the affection such as happy, attaching.

Alarm bandit game or " homicide game " . It is " life and death lives or die " imitate, person to live sure and spent all intrigue is mixed method, because this a lot of wisdom can be reflected,be in game. Promoted through language, look and contact mutual the listen respectfully between and understanding, also pull close human distance.

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