Diving team " 4 action " prepare for war Olympic Games
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The team of division China diving of gold has been in Shandong Jinan assemble for training two many weeks, as Olympic Games trials spread out, a few problems of the team already were exposed come out, chinese diving team is aimed at a problem with " 4 action " do good Olympic Games prepare for war.

■ catch detail
Simple movement also wants excelsior
"This is at present first-order paragraph, our training target basically is from the movement detail grabs. " when the training key that speaks of model of this phase winter, zhou Jigong of the leader of a sports team tells a reporter so.
On training course, the station on the tall on any account is small diving tower inside diving house or gangplank became full a few team member, the most person in them is having such or the honor of in that way world champion. A simple movement, team member people often should repeat a lot of alling over in training, the coach stands in Chi Bian to reminding their behavioral detail.

■ decrease injury
Strengthen safeguard to reduce injury happening
Perfect besides what seek detail on the movement, chinese diving team emphasizes also wanting to pay attention to detail on the life, what this basically points to is the happening that reduces injury odds. In the Olympic Games trials that this Jinan stands, a lot of team member especially the injury that a few veteran are having different rate. Zhou Jigong expresses, preventing an injury to prevent disease also is the wintry model key of diving team. To reduce the happening of injury, diving team ensured a respect to leave not little time in logistics, medical treatment respect also enhanced power.

■ step-down force
Lian Yuga learns psychological adjustment
A bound of Yo of the polity in regarding as is most famous " the team of the dream " , bearing the weight of on the body of Chinese diving team the Olympic Games dream with most compatriots. Plus the competition inside all-time and violent group, the team member of diving team people the pressure that goes up personally is quite great. To give team member people decompression, diving team still plays during wintry model had variety. Gem gal class, psychology extends match of training, speech to wait, invite team member people feel quite fresh.

■ promote quality
Learn English to facilitate accept interview
Zhou Jigong says, the wintry model content of diving team still includes to improve integrated quality of the athlete. Learn English for instance, "It is to facilitate on one hand communicate with foreign athlete, also be to go to the lavatory so that accept after gold to interview on the other hand. Also be to go to the lavatory so that accept after gold to interview on the other hand..

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