Wuhan is explored " teenage space " the road of socialization
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2007 the end of the year, space of adolescent of colourful of rainbow of area of green hill of city of Hubei province Wuhan gave out hundreds of to pat to the society article present invitation letter. The staff member still arrives inside the area in famous calligrapher home, come to seek a word. Via choosing, 22 work are auctioned formally. Avalokitesvara hangs the He Tianyu that the policeman that jade of a hobby collects donates patted 2. 90 thousand yuan.
Participate in on sale entrepreneur to express, at ordinary times everybody gathers the growing issue that also can discuss adolescent, hear a few adolescent crime, indulge the thing of the network, everybody is quite anxious also, there was teenage space now this platform, they can grow for teenage health a force.

On October 30, 2007, completion of space of rainbow colourful adolescent, become the throughout the country first pilot. Jiangchen adolescent had new extracurricular activity place.

As we have learned, "Teenage space is pilot plan " by Chinese adolescent palace association and collaboration of association of Hong Kong youth are rolled out. This planned to introduce Hong Kong " young space " mode, in population concentrated community establishs adolescent to serve a room integratedly, offer community to participate in for adolescent and its parent, interest study, free space, network recreation of interactive, game, extend training, grow coach, the service that the parent helps 8 respects. Every space covers an area of area 300~1000 square metre to control.

Space of rainbow colourful adolescent by red, orange, yellow, blue, green be decorated 5 kinds and become, will " space " division into districts of 5 big functions comes apart. Psychology of ancient codes and records of traditional paper-cut art, rich China and foreign countries, periodic seeks advice, lively foreign language communication... the purpose is make adolescent is in sweet, lively atmosphere the fun that enjoys extracurricular activity.

After teenage space is opened very popular, a few short lunar time, the member recruits 400 much people, accumulative total enters an activity 3000 much person-time. As teenage space pilot spread out in each district, the problem that runs fund rises to surface gradually.

How to make teenage space enter adolescent of benign development course, cogent service to become serious problem as soon as possible. For this, space of rainbow colourful adolescent undertook the exploration of socialization development.

The space builds a government to throw nearly 1 million yuan, labour of 3 major justice provides a service, every monthly wages more than yuan 1300. Include finance estimated funds has 7 only. 50 thousand yuan, the salary that can make sure 3 name are versed in only reachs water and electricity to wait for the main charge that runs daily. Light relies on governmental investment to develop an activity completely without method.

Area of green hill of city of the Wuhan that occupy a group appoint clerical Lei Ping introduces, the teenage space property that is in pilot phase at present has not decided finally, a few activities are restricted. And urgent affairs is to want to run this new thing go down, ability realizes its rotation function stage by stage.
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