Undergraduate arctic inspects choose semifinal to open contest in the morning
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In the race on seaside highway, accept in polar house extend test of ability of written examination of training, polar knowledge, English, and " beautiful " personal plan belt goes to out to inspect small task arcticly. 30 outstanding undergraduates that come from countrywide each district assemble in Dalian tiger beach, remove contend today " receive arctic the first dawn -- Chinese undergraduate is arctic (Siwaerbade) inspect an activity " the 20 final quota of people of domestic choose.

Run complete Cheng calculates win

The first leg this morning is long-distance running, those who have a competition is the integrated fitness such as the physical strength of players, speed, endurance. In the morning 8 when, from ocean of Dalian tiger beach park main entrance sets out, players strive along seaside road act vigorously first, run back to start finally. 11 schoolgirls are run inside 20 minutes by the requirement 2000 meters; 19 schoolboys need 4000 meters to run inside 30 minutes, the person that did not insist to run to terminus or overtime all makes zero processing.

3 boys that give competition on behalf of Shanghai -- the Hu Yifan of university of traffic of the Xu Qingyuan of Fudan University and Deng Bessie, Shanghai appears confidence is dye-in-the-wood. The champion Xu Qingyuan of Shanghai competion area is well-prepared. Relics of Great Wall of corridor of westing of wet ground of island of Cengfu Chong Ming, river, short for Zhejiang Province on the west Su Gumin resided crater, Jin Wan 100000000 wait for much place to make an on-the-spot investigation expeditionary, and the Deng Bessie of survey of village of 5 thorough AIDS, to physical ability the test also makes fear naturally none. Had attended 2006 Shanghai international marathon (half Cheng) , the Hu Yifan that obtained good result, can saying to go up more is the long-distance running player that has experience. Result, deng Bessie obtains the 7th with the achievement of 20 minutes of 50 seconds, hu Yifan runs in the 8th, achievement is 20 minutes of 59 seconds, 23 minutes of of Xu Qingyuan 42 seconds list the 14th. 3 people walk all smoothly complete Cheng. 10% what occupy semifinals only as a result of long-distance running achievement, name and the first last cent value differ 2 minutes only, be in what complete Cheng runs inside formulary time so is to win the home.

On ski field " clasp Budda's feet-profess devotion only when in trouble "

Tomorrow morning, players still will attend ski test, after the guidance in a hour trains " learn to be used now now " , immediately the trail on the station glides, whirly and stop urgently, what close them to accept in this is psychological quality and the test that get used to ability to ice and snow. Groups 3 Shanghai that have opportunity experience true snow not quite are small, the specially before the Spring Festival made an appointment to wade field of Shanghai Yin Qixing ski, will answer to oneself " special example " . Field of first try snow, the sense of 3 people is good still. "I threw a few Jiao, they two did not fall. I can be careful when formal match, throw one Jiao to want to buckle 5 minutes. " Xu Qingyuan says seriously.
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