Extend training to enter " door
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) " just a little, just a little, just a little... " on December 25, 2007, noisy and confused of reputation of wife of gymnasium of group of branch artesian well works below the well, the reporter goes in to look after all, just discover this is in oil field senior talented person grooms the center is extended groom the ministry grooms of division guide below, people is undertaking insecurity " experience type grooms " . Nowadays, to Gao Peizhong heart, will extend training to send into the enterprise " door " , what be any more new issue.

As we have learned, grooming this is to earth up a center high the 2nd times to walk into an enterprise to do groom, to cater to business demand, gao Peizhong heart is being held to all the time not only have something made to order personally for student quantity groom the concept of the project, active still " come " , will groom send a company, let have groom the unit of demand is in can accept the most professional extending to train from door mouth.

Gao Peizhong heart is extended groom department head Han Changyou tells a reporter, the recieve training student that extends training this is the basic level cadre of branch of well dirty course of study, to come true " forging to turn administrative group subtly " desire, extend groom the ministry was arranged for them designedly " experience type grooms " . Participating in groom in the process of the project, the condition of student is met excitement rises, and once such, the problem on a few detail often can be ignored. At this moment, groom division can be done remind appropriately, groom in each student of the help after the project ends is summed up and think over, achieve those who raise basic level cadre to carry out spirit of force, group and the effect of communication ability thereby

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