Give Me Five! Of condole firm child " 5 minutes of heat "
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Classical school is dozenth class, it is the subject of 4 grade English that by emerald green Yuan Er small Mr. Wang Yu brings.

More than 50 students come from different school, attend class Mr. Wang comes first " centralized operation " , all urges an action one --

"Give Me Five! Ah, I can not be want 5 yuan of money to you, state we hit a bottom twice however, celebrate you to reply very marvellously. Celebrate you to reply very marvellously..

Give Me Five! This classic lesson began in good in humor.

Say the child's temperature is maximum 5 minutes, actually may not. This English class 45 minutes, the child says however " blink time " , meaning still did not use up.

Classroom memoir

Dice says " you want what to eat "

Mr. Wang becomes magic kind take out 3 baby from inside the drawer: Paper of drawing of a piece of pane, stick toward blackboard, there is a kind of food on each case, banana, apple, cake, milk, carrot is waited a moment; The picture of a piece of small alarm clock; There is the paper dice that boosts a volume of a football finally.

Game regulation is very simple: Drawing paper is chess manual, small alarm clock is castle, the student walks along dice, according to cast the number that give, one division division takes mobile piece forth. Of course, game can not be breathed, must say English is done at the same time at the same time.

A few courage are great, raised a hand immediately. A schoolboy develops dais first, one dice is " 4 " , everybody says aloud together as him: "My Alarm Clock Rings At Four. " at this moment, with respect to the 4th case chess manual of shift of alarm clock castle, the picture inside this case is orange.

Then in chorus of the classmate below the stage asks him: "What Would You Like To Eat? "What Would You Like To Eat??

"I Would Like To Eat Orange. " the schoolboy is successful pass a barrier.

"Give Me Five. " Mr. Wang and schoolboy " bang " hit a bottom.

So amused, everybody wants to be being grabbed. At a draught, 56 student annulus come over, castle had moved to export from the entrance. Mr. Wang is laughing to reveal truth: "We reviewed a word in game, learned again new a type What Would You Like To Eat/drink? Learned again new a type What Would You Like To Eat/drink??

Leading role comes on the stage: Boy Peter

After game, the friend that Mr. Wang introduced her formally to everybody -- an elementary school man student that calls Peter. "He often is in in the morning 7 when get up, we see video edge listen to recording with respect to the edge below, what is seeing Peter breakfast what to eat to drink? What is seeing Peter breakfast what to eat to drink??

Everybody stands an ear, listen very seriously. Recording just was put, little hand is lifted get Laogao.  

"Eat Eggs! " " Yeah! " after biff palm, mr. Wang is a painterly ace as expected, ground of the do a familiar work with ease on the horse gives an egg in the picture on blackboard.  
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