New thinking sale pulls big market frame
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Enterprise of bear the palm: Zhengzhou century joyous Eden
Place bear the palm: Optimal sale transmits award
Reason of bear the palm: Zhengzhou century joy is new brand of Zhengzhou travel tourist attraction field. Through holding thematic activity, abound the connotation of garden area, formed the thematic sale mode with century joyous distinctive Eden and content, century joy becomes the fashionable vane of angle of youth of Central Plains area field.
Brand story: 2007 year, zhengzhou century joyous Eden Henan 18 city land and Zhengzhou market fractionize are changed, abounded system of terminal client network greatly. 10 short lunar time, already drove route of limit of scene region market 300 kilometers outwards, divide Henan outside each city land, still cover the province ground city such as Shanxi, Heibei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, the strategy sells a network to be perfected basically, 2 class sell a network to be formed stage by stage.
Data shows, the tourist quantity of century joyous Eden is added by the 600 thousand person-time 2006 to the nearly 800 thousand person-time 2007, entrance ticket income also came true to break through 30 million yuan. This is the thematic activity that differs through be engineered regularly and be being held, abound garden area connotation, attract a tourist, popularize a brand to come true stage by stage.
For instance 2007 " red red while still alive garden party of riddles written on lanterns of international of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day of 2007 centuries happy garden " , " the contest of international friend talent of 51 golden weeks " , " clique of 49 · train is opposite moon " , " carnival of love of the seventh evening of the seventh moon " , " the 3rd, abounded the travel content of garden area and atmosphere greatly, formed the thematic sale mode with century joyous distinctive Eden and content.
All achievement, dou Han built the joint efforts of whole group.
Century joy still will be begun field " large series group extends century joy garden vocational training of part-work and part-study system of training, undergraduate plans " wait for a few new activities, area letting garden becomes the paradise that culture of a train and vogue coexist.

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