Drive away pollution large family lustre is elegant will build villages and town
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Alley of Lin Zhong of ramble of dispatch of lukewarm state network, sample gust farmhouse dish, enjoy passion to drift, still have be about to the field of mount a horse extends Education Foundation... Ou Hai Zeya will build villages and towns of outskirts zoology travel. The day before yesterday, "Zoology civilization is in Wen Zhou " interview a group to walk into lustre elegant, experience zoology to found the change that brings to life of local common people.

Element has Xi Yan say lustre elegant, having capacious mountain forest, beautiful chute, honest folkway, it is the beauty spot that locates picturesque scenery. Going up however century at the beginning of 80 time, after course of study of useless plastic catharsis is introduced to come as characteristic industry, while the pocket that lets local villager is roused quickly, make lustre elegant sufferred spend pollution again. Thickly dotted, desultorily mill of useless plastic catharsis, the sewage that discharges at will, will originally clear defend riverside river, caught to sending out the big dye vat of bad smell. "Go down so again, live the human life here the metropolis is a bit shorter, the scenery here should be destroyed. " such is anxious, it is local villager not just, still have a lot of coming here the passengers of amuse oneself. A year ago, below the province, city, area, effort that presses down various government sector, lustre the repair work bold and resolute of course of study of elegant useless plastic catharsis spread out.

The day before yesterday, interview a group to be in lustre elegant see, after labour pains of all previous classics lustre elegant already showed elegant green hill green water afresh, below governmental guiding, the villager that pursues trade of useless plastic catharsis formerly people, begin to hold in both hands case " green jobs " . "Lustre elegant already left now gave store of farmhouse happy meal many 40, have the customer that a large number of specially come from lukewarm city the city zone everyday. Lustre elegant the characteristic produce that still developing one village to be tasted energetically, the bean curd that is like Shi Qiao everyday crop amounts to many kilograms 1500, divide outside supplying each farmhouse restaurant, local villager still undertook fabricating to its, do ' bean curd dried fish ' in the passengers that amuse oneself comes to before the village is sold. In addition, the vermicelli made from bean starch that still has 5 phoenix 垟 , forest the zoology vegetable of 垟 of the bamboo shoots in spring of cropland of the beef of Ao, 垟 , north forest is waited a moment, made the characteristic product with famous far and near, let the villager people more economic income are gained in green product. " Zhuo Guolin of Ze Yazhen's deputy alcalde tells a reporter feeling pleasedly.

This year, ze Yazhen still had comprehensive program, will be a center with Ze Yazhen, belt of idle of defend riverside Jiang Xiu is extension, from Dong Xiangxi in whole town construction bank water lies fallow 6 characteristic such as area of experience of life of farmhouse of area of area of scene of art of belt, local culture, holiday recreational activities, characteristic are divisional, become Ze Yajian villages and towns of travel of an outskirts zoology thereby
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