Olympic youth battalion will open the member that battalion invites disabled bat
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Beijing Olympic youth battalion will be in Beijing at will coming 17 days on August 6 2008 101 middle schools are held, about 480 youths that come from world each district will gather together Beijing, experience Olympic spirit and Chinese culture jointly. With toward different is, the country that Beijing youth battalion participates in and area are most, the member that invited disabled battalion first attends.

10 disableds enter young camp first

Wang Yue of director of group of young battalion place says on the press conference that held yesterday, battalion of Beijing Olympic youth invited 10 disableds, consider a make things convenient for somebody be accommodating, invited Chinese deformity young person only. "Inviting the disabled this to attend is to be reflected better surmount, concept of carry of Wen Ao of shirt-sleeve, partaker, beijing holds the Olympic Games and damage at the same time abstruse meeting, hope two Olympic Gameses are likewise wonderful. Additional, hope youth is in and deformity friend gets along in the process, can learn to disabled friend, have rise and develop. Have rise and develop..

The reporter understands, to allow disabled run member with common battalion member participate in an activity euqally, what choose this is eyesight, audition and limbs defective disabled, and before both the vision that has remains or audition. To go to the lavatory they go out row, of 101 middle schools trouble-free establishment has been transformed finish, dormitory area, life division can come true trouble-free a travel, and be on mobile design mature let everybody can be participated in.

Young battalion camp member choose condition is slashing

Benciaolin be equal to the member that overcome young battalion camp makes an appointment with 480, 410 people come from 196 countries and area, it is Olympic youth battalion country and area are participated in most on the history. International battalion member recommend by Olympic committee of each country, various places, choose, their age is in 16 to 18 years old, have good English or French communication capacity, have strong point of proper type of writing, have play motion of environmental protection activity, Olympic or experience of other and volunteer service, can saying is outstanding youth represents each country.

Domestic run member choose order is very firm also, 31 province, municipalities of countrywide and group of municipality directly under the Central Government appoint specific and responsible choose commends the work, make choose plan, declare this plan Chinese Olympic committee to agree next, after agreeing by BOCOG, will carry out. Home is chosen in all unplug the outstanding adolescent that gives 62 to accord with a condition is represented, among them every save each 2, men and women each one.

20 battalion member become hand of Olympic Games torch

Wang Yue introduces, according to the convention of Olympic youth battalion, according to the policy of hand of BOCOG choose torch and standard, beijing youth battalion is in 480 battalion member in choose produced hand of torch of 20 Olympic Gameses to participate in torch to transfer an activity, run of 18 the member that include 2 international run among them, home member, a disabled battalion member, international battalion member sponsor a country by an Olympic Games Greek and be about to undertake the Canadian Olympic committee of the Olympic Winter Games is recommended respectively.
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