Olympic Games volunteer extends training to increase credit
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Yesterday, backbone of volunteer of sports meet of competion area of Shenyang of game of football of Olympic Games of more than 160 Beijing, quality was accepted to extend training in Shenyang chessboard hill.

Island of bar, Gu is caught to seek to live on in buttock, sky... this is a day groom course.

Training is firm at the beginning, the volunteer is divided to be 10 maniple, undertake training for the unit with maniple. The first task that every team faces, give oneself maniple to name namely, every team member should take a code name to oneself, create team song, team pennant, make group plan. "Auspicious dragon " , " flying car " , " pioneer " , " big hill " ... those who pass half hours is consultative, 10 teams had his name.

On 1.4 meters high high table, both hands of a team member is by ligature before the bosom, double foot also is bound together. Below the stage, more than 10 team member two a pair two, each other are helping an arm, put up a piece " person bed " . "Ready? " the coach asks. "Be ready! " the team member on the stage replies. "Companions, are you ready? " the team member on the stage asks. "Ready, believe us please! " the ground of team member all with one voice below the stage replies.

One's voice in speech just fell, the team member body on the stage is straightforward ground dump comes down, firm quietly falls on person bed. "Thank you, I trust you. " go up in everybody's arm, the team member that just comes down is crying excitedly.

"I think accredit is manner of a kind of life, it is the beginning of all relations, believe oneself, believe a group, certain and OK the difficulty on conquer advancement road. " after training ends, summary of a team member says.

So far, volunteer of sports meet of competion area of Shenyang of game of football of Beijing Olympic Games had accepted a foreign language to groom, formal groom, sign language grooms, sudden incident lash-up grooms wait for many sided groom. On August 3, more than 1100 volunteer will be garrisoned the volunteer village that is located in Shenyang to build an university, begin to fulfil the mission of sports meet volunteer.

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