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To receive 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the revolutionary old quarter that element is a brand with " of " red travel more than Yao Yi " is natural country playground " - - 4 bright hill are rely on, rolled out " 4 bright hill are outdoors " of Shan Ye motion and " move on 4 bright landscape " circuitry of two big travel.

In bridge lane town 4 bright lakes go vacationing village, step on " of the bicycle on " water and equestrian motion project of these two You Le, most get tourist reception. And climb height " , " like " brave rope of " of 100 meters of obstacles, " fast the field such as slippery " extends training activity, attracted numerous adolescent to attend. According to going vacationing village chief introduces, this scene area is in 51 " of " are small between long holiday, welcome a visitor nearly 5000.

Inside park of forest of country of 4 bright hill, having " my campaign likewise, the picture of my joy " . Come the citizen week gentleman that this goes vacationing hired bicycle of a 3 people designedly, edge of a car of 3 Bian Qi admires a scenery, recreational fitness neither by accident, very satisfied.

"The visitor that drives country bicycle sightseeing now is increasing, some tourists rode a long time to still hate to part with a car to still be dropped! "Piece of manager of the park say. In scene area, new the Pan Yan that roll out, skip, step on the athletic project such as stilt very popular also, most a long time welcomes nearly 2000 visitors one day.

In north of 4 bright hill the brook drifts and cloud river drifts scene area, occasion is more lively. Arrive double cease day, come round to experience the tourist in an endless stream of seaborne fun. Besides what opening illicit home car to come over, still many tourists establish group of bicycle team, autocycle team, pedestrian mountain-climbing, come round to experience athletic fun. It is adrift with boreal brook only exemple, from " 51 " are small after long holiday, open day can welcome nearly 1000 visitors on average everyday.

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