China in employee of company organization young person fights calamity to extend
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Dispatch of network of Chinese petrifaction news (Luo Yan of Tian Yawen Yang Huan) on May 16, the company in sale China is aimed at young employee, the constitution is poorer, play capability is not strong, face difficulty to lack the characteristic such as tough perseverance, organize young worker, begin fight calamity to extend training activity. Main purpose is to enhance young employee the ability of meet an emergency before sudden incident, natural disaster, save oneself each other saves ability.
They amass young staff to outskirts of the city zone, place oneself at living difficultly in the environment. Those who invite professional teacher to written guarantee entire company rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief is actual give a title, according to the requirement of accurate militarization, manage strictly. Provide place of time, regulation, finish course content of the regulation.

Groom personnel is by cent " team of vicious-a person of wicked ambition " and " wasp team " , arena compares connecting with the boxing skill, mutual athletics. The project basically includes " headroom breaks the bridge " , " trustful back is cast " , " company territory " , " dak sends a book " etc. The last project that extends an activity " wall of life and death " , all inside 15 minutes of time of the regulation personnel must have turned over to be as high as 4.2 meters city wall. For collective honor, some female employee regard as with emaciated humeral head person ladder, the schoolboy acts as with forceful body other spans step, the team member that has mounted the top of a wall extends the teammate that rescues a wall to fall daringly. 36 team member used 11 minutes of 51 seconds only 36 people are crossed smoothly entirely, get of the coach praise. In training this, still added carry fire control equipment the professional content such as cross-country, put out a fire.

Through extending training, enhanced young employee to be in chaos not only not the psychological quality of Jing, and rose to resist calamity, save oneself each other is saved, the professional skill of fire control put out a fire, enhanced physical ability to take exercise further with group spirit.

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