The city that achieve benefit is the biggest odd pen contribution 50 million
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"Rein in our footstep, wait our soul a moment. " Huang Shaokang says so.
"Beneficent, it is a kind of oneself complex originally. " Huang Shaokang is used " spirit needs " will generalize entrepreneur " beneficent complex " -- " charity is help others not only, still be oneself mental need. Charity is a kind of culture, everybody is obtained each other, finish promotion of a kind of character. Finish promotion of a kind of character..
"A person, he is rich, but without love, he is an upstart only, is not ' interior noble ' . Have money already, have love again, very compassionate, care very much to social masses, just be ' interior noble ' . " Huang Shaokang is so " interior noble " definition.

Le Shanhao is applied
Accumulative total contribution is close 70 million

Huang Shaokang is an outstanding entrepreneur, but people raises he, a lot of moment are not the fortune because of him, apply because of his Le Shanhao however. From 1992 up to now, huang Shaokang contributes money for institute of state of alma mater benefit built " little health activity center " ; Elementary school of yellow sand of door of dragon of build contributing money, always lake with when school of elementary school, Yanyi; Contributory many yuan 70 give always lake hospital, contributory 230 thousand yuan give big haze the hospital, use at build hospital building to mix purchase equipment of advanced medical treatment... of Huang Shaokang contributory not confine Yu Huizhou, still include Mongolia to contribute build a middle school, contribute in countrywide each district build hope elementary school, create charitable foundation, aid financially impoverished undergraduate to wait. And the charity that it is city always can contribute 50 million HK dollar, special use at building courtyard of health care of city women and children, it is the money of be apt to of pen of the biggest sheet that city charity always can get up to now. In recent years, contribution of Huang Shaokang accumulative total is close 70 million yuan.
2005, huang Shaokang and classmate of class of course of Tsinghua Ha Fo form limited company of bright heart fund in Hong Kong together, poor of help family financial situation tastes the undergraduate finish school that learns to hold actor concurrently. This fund chooses every year to nod, the year before last year in Jiangxi appropriate spring funded 40 people, 50 people were funded in Anhui mew lake last year, will fund 60 people again in Hunan this year, such aiding financially will long-term continuance goes down.
Regard this as the total a secretary in charge of sth of fund, huang Shaokang is the person that only gives money to exert oneself again already. "To the undergraduate that aid financially, besides giving brushstroke every year money, even as nonsked as them maintain contact, have an informal discussion, begin extend training, with them communication life is comprehended. " Huang Shaokang says: "To these children, I more not be the corporeal life that worries about them, however their cultural life, so I always manage to find time and they communicate, to just entering the new life of the university, can teach them how to learn better, master scientific study method; To big 2, big the student of 3, teach them how to blend in collective life, with others communication; To big the 4 undergraduates that are about to step a society, teach them how recognize situation, blend in a society better. Blend in a society better..
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