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1, A04 edition " railroad natatorium is new practice " (reporter: ㄑ holds? editor:  ? proofreads: Plutonium breaks through rice of small?40 of  of to joke of colourful of  of ┑ to joke " should be " 10 meters " .

2, A06 edition " lamp lever topples within an inch of is bungled in van " (reporter: Hold? editor high:   ? proofreads: Plutonium breaks through ┑ show off  of joyous colourful to joke is small rake melt leek is returned hire excuse me to shelter ξ  makes post  smooth with a rake to return hire excuse me thin

3, D04 edition " life new experience from extend training to begin " (editor:  ? proofreads: Xing of a unit of length of pa of which  of handkerchief Xia exhausted ┪ looks for Jin to shelter Jin of Kou of Xing of a unit of length of ξ  pa is thin

4, D06 edition " Hai Chunnuan spends look out book " (editor:  ? proofreads: Wei Gao of  of to joke of handkerchief Xia exhausted ┑ is sentenced small install a courtyard! Shelter ξ  installs compose! Thin

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