Macrobian area begins macrobian lake special subject to enrol business around 4
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It is to make fontal lake industry. Pack macrobian lake on the west bank brine spring, east bank hot spring, face Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangdong, HongKong and Macow and even global action business, compose is built " fontal lake " characteristic travel industry. 2 it is to accelerate motion to attend the meeting exhibit property. Sign formal agreement with co-worker, athletic sports park and international economy can exhibit lake of the long life that start communication center project. 3 it is compose builds thematic park. Pack " birthday " island, conception is built with " birthday " the culture theme park that is core; Rely on Yin Xing, medium movement of aquatic sports of steam southwest development, country, outdoors motion, extend park of theme of training, car to wait. 4 it is to expand You Le line of business energetically. Combine Wuhan turf lift a ban, strive to introduce horse race item, abound project of scene area You Le further.

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