Of aggrandizement group spirit extend training
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Group of China morning automobile controls a limited company is young, the Chinese car in growing is madeEnterprise, total assets is close 30 billion yuan of RMBs, employee sum total amounts to 34 thousand person. Since birth day, china morning car with " make a nation own brand high-quality goods " to already held the post of, the car resource with integrated the most outstanding whole world, walked out of " high starting point innovates independently " brand-new the road of development.

China morning car early or late bold the technique of top class batholith that recommends company of the technology of German FEV engine, triumph when protecting, wait for international actively with BMW, Feng Tian at the same time famous supplier undertakes top-ranking car company, international joint-stock collaboration, in craft design, production is made, quality detects etc the respect is all-around the as bannerest as international standard conforms, be ethical car span type development laid solid foundation. Especially since 2006, cross of harships of classics of all previous of China morning car, gradually the blueness at the beginning of exuviate goes developing is acerbity, already shined brilliantly on the arena of own brand, cut a figure on world car market, all these also should be attributed to Hua ChenCompany culture
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