Extend school enclosure to domestic community
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Zhao Xiaoya of our newspaper reporter

"Classmate section " , " neighbour section " , " parent justice labour serves a line " , " 5 small into community " etc, the activity with novel distinctive originality has become these forms the hill austral Shenzhen city the characteristic activity of school of the 2nd foreign language. The backside in these characteristic activities is health of student of school with a view to grows and compose builds what carry out " the school, family and society cooperate with " moral education mode.

  Build the home, school, community to teach new mechanism in coordination

"South hill 2 outside be in south a mountainous area commercial culture center, community has rich community to teach resource; The school is close in 1000 students, the student parent of 80% has record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning. How the force of integrated parent, community takes a way that open education, it is the issue that we are considering all the time. " president Yu Ming says.

This school that built 2004, what take a school, community seriously very at the beginning is benign communicate with interactive. The school sets parent committee, when terming begins every year, the school should develop a dialogue with delegate of parent committee, community. In this process, the think of a way that a more mature family, community and school teach in coordination rises clearly. In Feburary 2006, below the effort of the school, the parent, community, school taught committee to hold water formally in coordination, committee sets parent committee and community committee two orgnaizations. Taught committee to make way in coordination, through democratic election choose committee member, set parent committee chairman and community committee chairman each one. Appoint can set education direct department and ministry of justice industry service, company appoint can set company project to serve ministry and children activity ministry. Teach committee to locate the service education that takes the lead for the school is organized in coordination, executed " staff officer of ego management, school, scroll develops " own government pattern.

Alleged and own government, the servive routine that teachs committee to be done for school place in coordination namely is the proper motion after committee classics and school are communicated is organized.

Servive routine executes the way that the project pushs, each project has a curator. In the meantime, justice the Ministry of Works in feudal China still built parent justice to be versed in the service gets stuck for each parents, make the parent free project, decide serve time oneself, advocate every parent every semester serves two hours for the school.

   The parent understands the school to raise his in justice industry service

Every arrive go to school with the time that classes are over, south a mountainous area the main traffic crossing of periphery of school of the 2nd foreign language, 78 belts are worn " 2 outside the parent protects school team " the person dredge of armband receives the car that sends the child to learn up and down, return convoy sometimes the student crosses a street, these are school parents the member of justice labor alliance. Besides uphold traffic order, the final in school period still has the parent to come round actively invigilate, also the parent helps examination paper of teacher read and appraise actively.
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