Company mentality grooms
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Company mentality grooms is to show will psychological theory, concept, method and technical application arrive in business management and business training activity, a series of psychology problems such as business of mode of the motive that solves employee very with official, state of mind, intelligence, affection, volition, potential and psychological quality, state of mind of the member that make gets adjusting, mode of state of mind gets character of improvement, volition gets promotion, potential gets developing waiting.

Psychology grooms and general skill and knowledge groom different, be a kind of opposite independence groom, worker of manpower endowment source control knows the uniqueness that psychology grooms, be helpful for the its better mentality that develops company staff grooming.

1. Groom experience sex of the activity

Psychology grooms of the knowledge in be different from traditional teaching method impart, it takes the actual training of the psychological quality of employee seriously more. Training of company mentality quality emphasizes employee taking an active part in experience of activity, active creation. Traditional teaching is to make first recieve training person study knowledge, master principle and method, be applied next or apply in practice, go after prophet namely. And the activity learns sexual principle, ask to begin with the activity, hind of go ahead of the rest knows. In training, use all sorts of prop, in kind, use proper place, true condition, elaborate design scene of all sorts of imitate environments, actual combat, the person that pass recieve training is participated in adequately in the activity, will obtain an individual to experience, fall in the adviser's guiding next, share an individual to experience, employee communicates jointly, conclude, promotion understanding, form with improvement psychological quality. What the activity experiences sexual principle is abided by is an experience -- share -- communication, the process of promotion.

2. Groom the behavior aggrandizement sex of means

The promotion of psychological quality of the person and optimize, already expansibility has level sex again, development has the characteristic of gradual change, and level contains bouncing essence. In actual life, character of behavior habit of the person, psychology, can produce change suddenly because of experiencing some kind of episode, or it is reality by potential change. The behavior aggrandizement sex that psychology grooms, it is namely in training of quality of company staff psychology, activate is certain the activity of difficulty, main show is on psychological test, the person that make recieve training challenges his psychology, the ego with straight true extent, arouse a conceal to be in recieve training person the power that go up personally and was not understood truly by its. The ability limit challenge of the person that pass recieve training to oneself, span the hair that experiences in the limit feels from inner victory and sense of pride, the height with acquisition god-given life experiences, will facilitate recieve training person the mutation that behavior is used to, " the first pace " , of psychological character fly across promotion. Principle of behavior aggrandizement sex emphasizes short-term, efficient, anticipate in short-term inside the psychological appearance with original change.
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