Jiangnan University to expand the training to develop their full MBA MBA2010 a
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10 Autumn Jiangnan University MBA students to expand in Suzhou all one-day training camp for the expansion of training. The expansion of training and MBA training, "the time to develop communication and coordination skills," the purpose of combining to bring Unusual feeling of the participants, the participants not only experience the fun of team games, and learn to appreciate the solidarity, trust, cooperation, obedience, order, responsibility, goals, the true meaning of perseverance, which is full of income And moved by the day. "Why do we have the courage to come back from school to work on to, and study time? Because everyone has a desired transformation of the heart." Yes, people want to transformation, MBA not only gives them High level of education, wealth of knowledge, and glittering academic, there are also good memories of innocence. Review the whole development process, there are all the rich philosophy of life and the meaning of work management. Since the first Beginning of the project, mix grouping, within a short time the players know each other together, work together to complete a common task, and efficient, "South China Tiger", the humorous "The East is Red" and the warm "family Fu, "the resulting three teams they work with each other to achieve common goals, not only exercise the centripetal force of the organization, members of the execution and understanding, but also enhance each other's team, completed a Item seemingly impossible task. Quality Development in the MBA training, both among the team competition and co-operate. The quality development activities are divided into morning and afternoon, includes four parts, namely "trust fall back", "jigsaw puzzle" and "instigating People "and" survival walls. "Every team needs to honor the task, responsibility and team spirit, three are indispensable, which impressed us most is the" trust fall back "- a member of one meter from the how high Fall back on the platform, to build a stretcher from the other players who catch the fall. At first, players instinctively fear, not volunteered to accept the challenge, but the captain of each team have come forward to the first stand Out, do the first man fell back. In their brave captain, led all successfully completed the back drop action. Perhaps from this point onwards, we are aware that there is no mutual trust and the warmth of community is not complete The first project into several tasks as well as the following. As "The East is Red," the captain rocks Zhang published his first view of the trust and understanding, he said: "The trust is gradually built up. As a team for so long, I see it as the need for a rigid, Is an ideal support for team members to achieve common goals is the foundation, then I must first take the lead in establishing that trust. "Xie dream about:" In the back drop items, I played two roles: first, Peer Protection Role, then I need to be responsible for the companion; First, those who fall back role, I want to give their full trust in his companions. "The idea of empathy, not only reflected in training needs, but also in the work to establish the Trust needs. In addition, the "Tangram" project also gave us some deep thinking, leadership mean? As a leader, it was a little more than control over others, which means more of a responsibility, A team, if not the right to play its desired effect, he is irresponsible to the entire team. Meanwhile, at work, management, and to recognize their own responsibility, good coordination and communication work, otherwise you will To the detriment of the entire team in trouble collective interests. Afternoon training will involve creation of opportunities and implementation issues. The beginning, the training division three team out of the MBA gave a problem - each player holding a rope together to prop up the side of the drum to top of tennis, and the target 100. It seems some students at the time, is simply not to complete the task. However, with players becoming more and more understanding with each other, the team found some small tips: as long as compatible, you can exchange for "instigating people Heart "of the results. Then put up is the" Friendship Bridge ", over the" survival Wall "project. In both projects, the power of solidarity, the team's warm and deeply shocked everyone with experience seize the time group members We were setting up the organization ladder, and some upside down in a high wall, although very painful, but the team is to meet and face more happy. When the last player to climb when we broke into thunderous applause, this moment will always be Printed in the hearts of all the players. The expansion of training, each participant was deeply felt the importance of teamwork, by increasing their resilience, decision-making ability and control, identify their role in the team, rational use of resources Source, excitation potential, which is completed and another across a barrier. Finally, all the students together to learn and share a sense of well achieved the purpose of this expansion. I believe in the future study and practice, MBA full Body of participants will be able to play today's mental outlook, going all out and sounded the horn blow hard, strengthen exchanges and maintain the passion and enthusiasm for life, dancing the CLS movement belongs to them, develop their MBA style!