Police desperately casting soul development training to achieve zero escape
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Shaanxi Provincial Department of Justice decided to reeducation through labor system in the province to carry out the prison "double major" activities since the prisons in Shaanxi Province to actively implement Shangzhou Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons of the deployment of the completion of the "compulsory exercise" at the same time, change the idea of well-designed " demand action, "a professor of psychology into the prison to take your lectures and go out to participate in a variety of ways to expand training, so that the majority of police in the moral, intellectual, physical aspects of training are subject to multiple, very productive. Prison June 23 to July 28 to organize a prison police, Police Association went to the West An Xiangyu three batches were the blue sky development centers to expand the training, I had the honor to participate in the second batch of training, the ups and downs which is really a lifetime. The expansion of large-scale training in the history of the prison Shangzhou is the first time within the walls to a large wall. First group of comrades back after the training, the talk is more exchange of training in the experience, did not participate in the comrades have asked with curiosity to expand the situation. Activities to do as a member of the organizers of the second group and I look forward to the camp early, but because of June and July is the rainy season Shangzhou, bad weather has been raining not take place. Until July 23, the day has finally become clear, the decision on the 24th the second batch of the prison camp opened, notice first serve, all eager comrades. According to the plan, 24 prospective point of departure at 6:20 am. Shanghai high-speed car on the road in the West, along the way, all while enjoying the morning mist shrouded mountain scenery under the business, while talking about the challenges to the long An Xiangyu 8:40, when it began to rain outside the window, our hearts not only put up. Stopover, 9:20 we finally reached the West An Xiangyu Green Garden Resort Blue Sky to expand the training base. Just the car, a big rain head is soy, training camp has been on the roadside waiting for the coach. We quickly lined up in the coach's lead down to the indoor training hall. Coach told us about the basic situation of the training started and subjects after the first training. We divided two groups of four sat down, the coach wants us to give him first to be "human" character, originally thought it would be easy to do "human" character, most comrades were wrong, because the coach asked him to do "people "word, and we are doing to face their own" person "the coach said this is the practice get the attention of everyone in the training is the reverse way of thinking. Doing "what the teacher said," this game, began to neglect of many comrades regard the key words, no password is "what the teacher said," will subconsciously do, understand the rules of the game in the later, then did not hear "listen to the teacher that "the word, the coach said nothing comrades are motionless and do nothing until the coach announced that the game is over, comrades can hear coaches do. Coach sure that his team had in prison with the students training of all team members participate in the project to perform the strongest best. Be commended, we are pleased to laugh. The next game we massage each group with each other as teammates temple, Chuibei, Paijian Bang, to experience the friendship of mutual love. Then we "dream team" in the standard-bearer of the lead down to the outdoors, begin field training. Surprisingly, a training room, only to find out is already pouring rain, many comrades thought accordance with past practice, at least, the rain started training again small, but the coach soon give each of us made a disposable raincoats. Li Ning, Director led the political mobilization of that, comrades, we are not only to the practice of, a little afraid of the rain, the rain can show us the fighting capacity of prison police. Immediately comrades high morale, facing the heavy wear raincoats to the training field. The training of all ground operations before, mostly the queue, the pace of training of the three, are more familiar with the comrades, but this time saw more than 10 meters high in the air bridge, looking up, 1.2 m bridge, the boast is not a small degree, some psychological mood for some lesbian. Coaches do a good job, "a security, two security, three security", calling them "good luck Sambo" about the course essentials, so that players on. Emergency Command Center from prison Huang Haixiang quick climb up the first stand, the brave on the bridge, we are in the bottom for his first "eat crabs" pinch to Khan, he saw a bit smoothly on the Broken Bridge body, rub a handful of rain, took a deep breath, through the run-up, with ease, quickly "fly" past, "good!" Below a thrill of joy, a Shenqingruyan time for the back to win another burst of applause. "3 minutes and 20 seconds", as the recorder, I report that to the coaches and achievements. All things are difficult, a good start is half the battle. Male comrades one by one enthusiastic across the broken bridge. In the "Go" sound of the first woman officer on the deck PUBLIC HEALTH, at the top of her body trembling, hesitant in the bridge side of all comrades in the chorus of the following cheer for her to observe a dozen seconds, the comrades consistent encouragement and cheer the brave cross the sound of her past, back when I saw a lot of her self-confidence, did not hesitate to jump in the past, comrades burst of applause. Xiao Song good to see other lesbians over the bridge, also to overcome the tension, one pass. At noon we "dream team" of 20 players have successfully passed the broken bridge. 11:40 We and the "tiger team" meet, interact and experience. Eat lunch, take a break, we came to the training field, began to "double tightrope," subjects, this project not only individual psychological tests, physical strength, stamina, more importantly, the spirit of team cohesion and collaboration. Front of his comrades to maintain body balance, first hold of the rope and taking care of the comrades back. Strength training consumed the afternoon, training in this project, I grab the rope when the forward was very Chijin, a partner to pull back, I spent a lot of effort, half-way, in order to smooth the body, each a small step forward are very difficult, there is a minute or two, I could not step step, grip the rope, and even give up the idea, but below the encouragement and guidance of Comrade, I finally grasped the rope to lead his teammates toward the end. Down, I was all wet, outside, rain, the body is to sweat. But I appreciate the joy of success, and the leader's responsibility, teammates Wang also said that the project is indeed very taxing, and he also came to be shut teeth. In our teammates, has been the foreign god, 52, deputy warden of thin, leading lesbian by the time the tightrope, because large thin weight deputy warden, lesbian psychology behind the tension in the wire, shaking violently, thin Deputy warden's body two large back, scared exclaimed while comrades below. After all, is of military origin, deputy governor of thin calmly and teammates worked hard, and ultimately successful, although when the 8-minute with the longest, but won the applause of our time. The next subject is through the power grid, as the world heavy rain, the ground is slippery, and some teammates because of the failure of other teammates has drilled seven or eight times without success, the whole body covered with mud, rubbing his arm is broken skin, but all do not complain complain, after the ninth through the fall, because of the time, the coach told us helpless to complete this project we do not, we regret to leave everyone holding the "grid." The last item is walking clogs. We "dream team" and "Tiger Team" carried out clogs walking competition, because of our good grasp of rhythm, eventually we reach the terminal in advance. His teammates shouted one team calls, cheering, excited to see everyone rare than usual, we are from the heart of the prison carried out sincere thanks to the expansion of the training, as is usually more of our positions in their respective adhere to, more and talk to prisoners, fewer group activities, the focus on expanding training, we interact more, friendship increased. In particular, increased the lead past the understanding of our strict requirements, but also increased the power of leadership and command of the subject, the previous leadership training and more are commanded, in this training, we have also seen a leader as a teammate amiable and mutual cooperation side. Training in the party secretary, the governor of high raw jade, Political Commissar Zhang Wanhai corporate leaders and other supervisors can set an example for the comrades to take the lead from time to time to encourage mental timid brave comrades to complete the project, to enhance the leadership and comrades of the friendship. After completing the day after all the training courses, coaching for us to expand training certificates issued to open the certificate, their names below to see the bright red seal, we all feel the sweat of hard-earned certificates are treasure collection up. Report may show it to his family. Back to prison, they began the work of the previous cycle, but as members of the prison supervision, supervision in the sub-sections of the inspection area and the subconscious, I found that by expanding the training, we have been quietly working attitude changed police to the prison before the seven aspects of the implementation details of 一日 management is always a small number of police officers where there may not be implemented, I recently found that prison time to the sub-district workshop, although the weather was hot, but police have police on duty stage, workshop where the police have kept with the inspection work. Prisoners turn on the water, shopping, spare the police the whole life has led, truly a "guilty of no outlier, separated from the police guilty of." Members of the executive power is undoubtedly an unprecedented increase, it seems that every coach, the police said "a letter to Garcia," the Lieutenant Rowan. Through training, I felt also had no small change. In order to implement the Office of Board committees and the new party put forward momentum to desperate, desperate measures, desperate to achieve "zero-escape", to ensure that the requirements of the prison security and stability work, a 24-hour inspection of the prison system, set up during the day and night patrol team. I was transferred to Night Watch team, from the beginning days, 19:00 to 8:00 pm the next day without sleep, one hour inspection time. If ever my heart will certainly be some ideas, but this time I not only happy to accept, and secretly told himself to careful inspection to ensure the safety of the prison. 6:50 dinner time into my mouth gay supervisors and discipline at 7 o'clock one key positions in the prison inspections, the patrol took the prison bars only to purchase, a point we were a point of view the situation carefully. Then we went to the prison control room to observe the sub-sub-area monitoring the activities of prisoners. So until 3 am. Indeed, this time hit while sleepy, I am tired, very tired, but I quickly thought of expanding training "through the grid" project "lessons learned": if one fails, all people have to start again. I immediately said to myself: If I inspect the regulatory accident occurred is not in place, we have achieved ten years the prison's achievements are no accident damage in my hands, I became a prison condemned by history. Jiling, and a drowsy sleep all of a sudden gone, pick up the patrol bars, teammates and I started a new round of inspections. In the inspection, we found that the supervision of individual sub-post monitoring area wake up and fall asleep immediately criticized. 5:10 days are bright, in the prison yard, looking at the west side of the moon and the micro-shiny yellow star, and a slight appreciation in my heart, take a look across the family wings, children, wife and 80-year-old mother must be still sleeping, I have a trace of Kuiyi. Yes, be forced to ancient Hau! Then I can not help but think of "Song of the Prison Police" in the lyrics: We shoulder the sacred mission to a new life to a new tomorrow, hard-working hard through the youth, ... ... Security and peace filled with blood for the motherland! This is our homeland safe maximum prison police mission it! For the motherland's peaceful, hard to achieve "zero-escape", is our duty to think of this, I am relieved. Yiyewumian, 8:00 to day inspection of our team. The Outward Bound prison harvest a united and progressive team, gain a strong team; selfless dedication of the police to shape the soul; we harvested a confident, strong life. Training camp to borrow a word: I love my team! I will dedicate my team! How rainbow without rain? The future of the prison, will also work hard in the rain and sweat, "hard to achieve zero escape" our work is not a challenge? Development Training Exercise not only our bodies, melting the team, enhanced our strong execution Shuoyibuer also harvested our work, a new understanding of life, I have a feeling of phoenix.