Chinese delegation to attend the first Youth Olympic Games were the first Outwar
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July 29 morning, despite the hot weather, but a group of young people are happily playing rock climbing and climbing ladder. Group of 14 to 18 years of age athletes is about to go to Singapore to attend the first Youth Olympic Games the Chinese delegation. Before starting, they Huairou District in Beijing training base of the mountain in the expansion of the first two days of training. More than 50 athletes were randomly divided into 4 teams and the team name from the design team pennant, to the exercise bar rafting, rock climbing, climbing ladder, having all the fun. In fact, these activities, they will be in the Youth Olympic experience. Youth Olympic athletes designed for theme 5, 7 in the form of 50 activities, including dialogue with the champion, into the community, adventure, island adventures. Through sports and other forms of activities, to communicate with each other and grow together the purpose, which is the thrust of one of the Olympic Green. The expansion of two days time is short, but there are a lot of athletes are harvested. Middle Distance Runner Li Li Jiao sub-compact, but in the end to climb the ladder Shique persist. Climb to the top moment, the following came a round of applause. Young people, together, always easy to be familiar with and influence each other. These athletes, many people have been selected for the national team or the National Youth Team, "We come here to dream, to achieve the goal, we must step by step." Responsible for the training of coaches, team members were very careful to cultivate in some detail. For example, after an event to remind everyone to waste away. Olympic Green conference, these athletes represent the image of Chinese youth. Image is the start bit by bit. Laughter, the two days of the end of the expansion of training, these young people a brief farewell, started the final sprint training. "Let Goodbye Singapore, to work together!"