Changshu technical institute: Begin professional psychology to coach stimulative
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Changshu technical institute psychology of first undergraduate profession coachs lunar series activity was held a few days ago. As we have learned, mobile content involves film of special subject of skill of professional psychology, to apply for a job to exhibit sow, psychology of report of special performance of state of mind of to apply for a job, profession seeks advice and coach, professional career program is online quality of ego evaluation, profession extends training to wait.

Obtain employment of this school student coachs central director Shi Weiping says, first profession psychology coachs the relevant activity that the month develops is a basis what encounter in job of actual obtain employment, also be current if need pays close attention to and understanding most in school undergraduate, be inscribed and of set, have stronger specific aim.

According to introducing, professional psychology coachs is pair of traditional obtain employment guiding ideology surmount, it is a whole process, complete member change, all-around educational process, it from individual the relation that the height that lives with whole will come to inspect individual and profession, individual and society, and unlike tradition obtain employment is directive in that way the person office with local be confined to matchs a relation. Begin a profession to psychology coachs and seek advice, test of constituent profession psychology, develop the activity such as lecture of special subject of psychology of interview of to apply for a job, aim to assist an undergraduate to solve its to the profession that is faced with in professional career chooses or get used to a problem, help undergraduate develops right professional ego idea, increase the capacity with its decision-making ego.

" China teachs a newspaper " on June 11, 2008 the 8th edition

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