Greet an Olympic Games to extend training by Wu personnel
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On April 22, to celebrate " 51 May Days " , greet Olympic Games grand meeting, activity of week of culture of department of ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest branch is in the country to grow a center to be started formally by Wu. A week of this activity by a definite date, by " grow business forum by Wu " , " judge good book to observe famous work " , " greet an Olympic Games to extend training by Wu personnel " , " the worker is imitated beautiful " 4 parts composition.
22 days one big early, the country grows representing what ministry of service of boat southwest cabin grows a center by Wu to assemble in by Wu, enthusiasm attended fully " sectional culture week is started meeting and grow business forum by Wu " activity. When cabin ministry the leader announces culture week activity is started formally hind, grow by Wu people spread out development discussion around topic of the business that multiply Wu. The activity gets the attention of cabin department leader, yu Qian of secretary of general manager Yi Lin, Party committee and the Tan Guoping of vise general manager that are in charge of business attend a meeting to multiply Wu grows people cheer bosomy interest.

Senior by Wu long Ren Gen is introducing experience. (photography Yang Junfeng)

Grow a center by Wu senior manager Jiang Ping above all cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, manage of a good qualities multiplying Wu in relating near future flight number exceeds the course of big impediment, caused discuss extensively longly by Wu. Grow by Wu people from " moving manual " regulation, grow responsibility by Wu, by Wu the respect such as idea of long harmonious ability, overall situation makes a speech eagerly, express oneself view. Male the processing in growing Liu Yu to think to fly by Wu any special affection should consider to help somebody attain his aim, cannot ignore safety. He still offerred his view in the light of the air defence form of the near future, the case that in flying according to oneself, produces undertook concrete analysis. By Wu long center the speech of Zhou Shaomei of senior assistant manager gets Wu grows multiplying people self-identity. She says: "Grow by Wu as, processing spy affection should face the pressure that comes from a passenger for certain, but face do not understand, grow by Wu want brave to carry responsibility, want to pay attention to working method, the settlement that strives for fair and reasonable problem, defend a country the social figure of boat. The problem that can solve in sky must be solved in sky, do not want shuffle, kick a ball. Grow of airline of a world-class by Wu should have stronger settlement its ability, know assume a responsibility that establishs company image. " subsequently, senior grow Ren Gen by Wu to grow newly by Wu people the working experience that introduced oneself in detail. Ren Gen also was mentioned grow by Wu as should brave carries responsibility, remembering his well is the knowledge of this one job of the spokesman on airline machine, get other and senior grow by Wu people reputably.
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