Qualification of profession of nicotian and monopolistic administrator grooms th
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Technology of this worker of website head office grooms central dispatch on April 11, qualification of profession of nicotian and monopolistic administrator grooms the class grooms in technology of worker of Chinese nicotian head office the center is held. National tobacco is monopolistic the bureau is monopolistic technology of worker of center of guidance of appraisal of skill of profession of bureau of department, person labor department, state, head office grooms the concerned leader such as the center attended ceremony flying a class. Come from Beijing, Anhui, Sichuan, Zhejiang to save (city) nicotian and monopolistic bureau is engaged in tobacco monopolistic supervise the personnel that works with management to add up to 100 people attend groom, groom this by a definite date 20 days.

This period groom according to " standard of post of nicotian and monopolistic manager " , main and tuitional ABC, certificate management, market control, case investigates and deal with sb, interior is superintended wait for content, invite the expert of monopolistic management field inside the industry and groom of the center outstanding groom the teacher undertakes tuitional, the characteristic that reflects professional skill appraisal to groom, highlight the knowledge that monopolistic administrator should know to should be met and skill side mainly groom. Groom still arranged extend training, in order to enhance the group consciousness of team of nicotian and monopolistic administrator, develop oneself potential, achieve the goal that exercises a team to promote ego. Groom after the end, student can attend to be coached by appraisal of skill of national bureau profession the appraisal of central organization is assessed, eligible issues letter of qualification of profession of intermediate and nicotian monopolistic administrator.

National bureau is monopolistic the real situation that team of current and nicotian monopolistic administrator analysed in managing concerned leader is speaking, the importance that emphasized beginning appraisal of qualification of monopolistic administrator profession to work and hold groom the purpose meaning of the class, hope student people can with full psychosis, abide by discipline, obedient direct, serious study, finish study job outstandingly, pass appraisal smoothly, obtain corresponding professional qualification letter.

Bencipei example appraisal is department of labor of national bureau person, monopolistic department, when center of national bureau appraisal works to carry out appraisal of qualification of profession of nicotian and monopolistic administration and undertake pilot groom, aim to examine further through grooming the adaptability of teaching material and scientific sex, facilitate the standard of perfect appraisal and method. In the meantime, groom also pushed job of professional qualification appraisal to accumulate experience stage by stage for entire industry.

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