The staff member was begun to bright village of Guo of city of new rural area ex
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Field report of reporter Cao Yuan is cooperate further " achieve 5 model mechanism, cultivate 5 kinds of image " mobile development is begun, foster good group spirit, bureau of town occurrences in human life, city is made up do at will coming 13 days to use on April 12 double cease day organizes all staff member to reach city of new rural area Guo Liang village was begun extend training.

During training, everybody is below the guidance that trains division, finished " Great Wall " , " passionate metre " , " mine field takes water " , " beautiful aureola " wait for training project, the artificial bluff a covered corridor or walk that the both hands cut that saw villager of Guo Liang village use his gives. Carry these activities begin, aroused a staff member to not be afraid of the spirit of enterprising of meaning of difficult, acute, enhanced sense of the sense of responsibility of crew, mission, fostered everybody's good communication to coordinate ability, extended individual thinking, challenged oneself limit, training individual volition, condensed fighting capacity, strong to founding solidarity, be brave in to innovate, dare be a person first positive effect arrived since new-style mechanism.

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