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"Humanitarian Olympic Games of volunteer China · " area of abstruse meeting Shanghai goes to thematic activity and Beijing Olympic Games, incomplete volunteer service activity is in Beijing volunteer yesterday morning whole town is begun, candidate of 100 volunteers that go to Beijing appears first, be in park of sea of greenbelt of road of north of 5 horn field, Sichuan, the Huaihe River and park of assist this world respectively with the member youth volunteer of each area county, begin propaganda of Olympic Games knowledge, pulled open at the same time " greet new wind of the Olympic Games, rich that receive a life, tree " Shanghai is teenage 5 concentration of 3 · are volunteer those who serve the action is prelusive.

Ma Chunlei of secretary of round municipal Party committee, yang Pu area appoint clerical Chen Anjie, qiu Weichang of deputy director general of city sports bureau, yang Pu area appoint vice secretary Wei Wei bright, banner of Li Yue of vice secretary of round municipal Party committee, Zhong Xiaomin, members of standing committee of Yang Pu borough, area appoint the leader such as Yu Xiufen of propagandist ministry minister attended an activity.

4727 people are selected 100

Haitian area goes to these 100 Beijing Olympic Games that appear first, incomplete on abstruse meeting the constituent recruit that Beijing volunteer candidate is course last a period of time a year, layer upon layer choose, choose from inside 4727 person that sign up, have 45 55 female volunteers, male volunteers among them, the age is in 20-34 year old between, nearly 90% be in school undergraduate, still having 10% is the on-the-job youth such as officeholder of teacher, mechanism.

This Olympic Games is volunteer convention of international of service general follow, the volunteer is to be participated in at one's own expenses, after going to Beijing, regard blame major as the volunteer, their main service activity will undertake outside place, not can " benefit from association with sb or sth " see the Olympic Games, but everybody state of mind is very good, "Can become Olympic Games volunteer, had been a very glorious thing, although cannot see the match also nevers mind, important is he is being participated in truly. " academy of foreign trade of volunteer, Shanghai is large 鋆 of 3 students Lu says.

Physical ability also becomes choose standard

Test of written examination, physical ability, interview, all volunteers were to experience check of this three reexamination to just be come out by choose. Of knowledge of the understanding to Olympic Games history, Olympic Games have, the standard that the foreign language ability, volunteer service experience that once had played is choose. Nevertheless most those who make a person accident is these Olympic Games volunteers pass even " physical ability closes " , the schoolboy wants 1200 meters to run, the schoolgirl runs 800 meters.

According to introducing, these 100 volunteers will go to Beijing on July 29, the main service that they make is in place of Olympic Games sports periphery undertakes installing check, guide kind the job. During the Olympic Games is held, as it happens is the intense heat of summer, the likelihood should be in what did not obstruct below dry high temperature weather to stand a long time even a day, want several weeks to work continuously, this needs healthy constitution and good fitness.
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