With the method newer hurried quality rises
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Train the informatization of methodological method, be those who improve quality of officers and soldiers " multiplier " . But look from the general situation that at present army trains, train the problem with onefold and set method, restricted quality of officers and soldiers greatly rise. Expression is improved to do not think of innovation, repeat original model standard self-consciously, make quality of officers and soldiers wanders for a long time in low administrative levels.

How to solve afore-mentioned problems?

Hold to science and technology to drive. Manage gain of progress of science and technology actively, improve training manner shift hard, it is the key that will train reform henceforth. Should do well deep imitate is changed, emulate change training, advance network construction and training actively, develop activity of the drilling on the training on the study on the net, net, net extensively, outstanding catch very new equipment to train, concentrated, drawing drives technology of equipment of sufficient play new clothes large dominant position, improve quality of information of science and technology of officers and soldiers, comprehensive education " syncretic pointing to ability " compound model talent.

Hold to mobile drawing. Carry out a proof, it is carrier and grasper with activity of grow into useful timber of post training, post, can effectively stimulative officers and soldiers is integrated quality and troops fight of ability rise. Current, should notice to cite activity of grow into useful timber of post training, post to development further particularly, be in hard the object is entire time of fluctuation of diversity of model of sex of a sex, content comfortable hillock, series, extend training content and way scientificly, much education " expert in one thing and good at many " talent.

Hold to drilling to promote. "The victory of thalassic war is attributed to distinct at ordinary times training and maneuver " . Experience enlightenment of the U.S. Army we, want to insist to organize combat readiness drilling regularly, increase actual combat to change drilling strength. Pay attention to in complex and changeful, abominable live below the environment, organize integrated tactics drilling, will fight severe cold, fight burning hot, fight hunger, fight exhaustion, fight blow to train perforative whole journey. The standard of true soldier maneuver and difficulty, should be with prospective battlefield characteristic consult, in bureau of impasse, danger, a dangerous situation even army of beat of the harden oneself in lost game, promote quality of ability of officers and soldiers to promote in the round with integrated drilling.

Hold to couplet example ecbolic. Education is compound model talent, unifinication combination training is the only way. Want perfect " small arms of service, big concentration " series model form, rely on brigade of school, arm of services to begin skill across to groom; Want to coordinate air force of place where troops are stationed, collaboration begins training of example of couplet of technical tactics foundation and land sky antagonism; Should make full use of existing information network and direct automation system, begin training of the information antagonism, antagonism on the net; Want to capture contract tactics base to turn the favorable opportunity of training especially, the associated drilling that has much task, long cycle, high strength, improve quality of the consciousness that officers and soldiers fights jointly and ability stage by stage.
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