Raise travel famous spend and competition ability
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A few days ago, the meeting of job of whole area travel that holds in Guilin offerred 7 when travel works this year main jobs.

The anticipation that tourism of whole 2008 area develops the target is: Enter a country brigade tourist counts 2.37 million person-time, grow 15.4% ; Income of travel foreign currency 685 million dollar, grow 21.4% ; Tourist of domestic stay away from home counts 93.8 million person-time, grow 12% ; Domestic travel income 48.7 billion yuan, grow 21.2% compared to the same period; Travel gross earnings 53.8 billion yuan, grow 20% compared to the same period. Around afore-mentioned requirements, the main task that travel of whole 2008 area works is:

One, accelerate advance travel industry transition to upgrade. Want to implement 4 change on development means. Want change travel industry to develop form of mode of means, development, development, implement 4 change of industry of my area travel: By extensive model transform to intensive development; Promote change to quality by quantitative dilate; Consume demand basically by contented tourist to offer high quality to serve change; By pure pay attention to economic function to active play integrated function transforms. Want to accelerate sex of 4 respects structure to adjust. It is to accelerate travel product structural adjustment. Consolidating on base of promotion sightseeing product, accelerate go vacationing recreational, meeting postpones the product development such as travel of preserve one's health of business affairs, health body, countryside. 2 it is to accelerate passenger source structural adjustment. ConsolidatingEast alliance, on the base of market of circumjacent and traditional passenger source such as day Han, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, beauty of key Xiang Ou, Russia and alone couplet system nation, bay the market such as country of new, Moslem is extended. 3 it is to accelerate consumptive structural adjustment. Increase strength of travel element conformity, the development that advances product of travel handicraft, meal, night life, recreational preserve one's health and culture travel to wait and construction. 4 it is to accelerate investment structural adjustment. Guide whole society travel to invest to recreational go vacationing, health body preserve one's health, meeting exhibits business affairs product to tilt.

2, the travel after becoming good disaster with all one's strength restores to expand the job. The travel after catching calamity single-handed recieves the refreshment of ability, catch the extensive recrudesce of travel market to exhibit single-handed; Restore calamity hind to develop to be united in wedlock with photograph of job of job of the annual that finish, with improve defence calamity ability and tie of photograph of perfect job mechanism.

3, deepen area travel collaboration, area of implementation tourism development is changed and internationalization. Accelerate push collaboration of travel of extensive north bay. Be started as soon as possible and finish " travel of area of economy of bay of wide northwest ministry develops a program " the work out works. Exert oneself urges the construction of Guangxi travel old liaison man, advance travel scene area to join road, airway, sea route is built, those who cooperate course is enlightened, form a complete set rolls out new travel line. Had done forum of city of travel of bay of north of the 2nd extensive, seize town of good the North sea, by ground of different of border land travel is jumped over to do card to resume professional work in auspicious city pilot job, deepen with extensive bead area and southwest travel collaboration. Had opened joint meeting of collaboration of travel of area of triangle of the 5th extensive bead, the with flight number of home of time of area foreign country high density inside executive area joins, roll out circuitry of province time travel jointly. Construction area drives oneself network of travel camping ground, drive area stage by stage trouble-free travel, build travel big market, drive create standing body of area travel collaboration, form contact to coordinate mechanism of mechanism, sudden incident lash-up, travel to serve the travel collaboration such as quality management mechanism to grow effect mechanism. Strengthen with the international such as World Tourism Organization and Asia-Pacific travel organization travel cooperates. Continue to expand and deepen the cooperative communication domain with origanization construction of the travel between international, area.
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