Worker of my bureau youth is begun actively extend training
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In May 2008 16 to 18 days, worker of youth of my bureau organization arrives truly lake of hill county thin hill began by a definite date two days extend training. Pass training, everybody harden oneself volition, promotional friendship, raised group consciousness and responsibility consciousness, showed worker of my bureau cadre's good spirit scene, get better result.
With " effort, surmount, ego of unitive cooperation, challenge " those who give priority to a problem extend training, it is my bureau is in " 3 kinds of consciousness " in teaching an activity, innovation grooms the new exploration of mode. During extending training, team member people in the coach guide next undertaking discipline aggrandizement, military affairs trains, began blind phalanx, trustful buttock, rough life road, deep-sea flee for one's life the training that waits for course. Everybody is mixed with full enthusiasm indomitable spirit, challenge ego actively, systemic heart invests each activity, finish each job satisfactorily. It is especially in project of rough life journey, team member people mutual care, mutual help, support sb with hand all the way the hill road that walked out of danger elephant annulus to be born, aggrandizement be thankful education and synergic consciousness; In deep-sea flee for one's life in the project, confront a 4.2 meters expensive wall system, below the circumstance that does not have any auxiliary tools, dread without the person and shrink back, rely on each other to encourage, of the cooperation of collective wisdom, group and everybody brave, use the time of 12 minutes of 48 seconds only, had sent 33 associate entirely look be like what scale hard to flee for one's life wall. After each project ends, everybody is in of the coach guide fall to think seriously, examine oneself, analyse group spirit, encourage oneself to challenge ego, transcend self, removed better drive to teach action.
In the activity, the character that 33 team member help each other with strict and impartial discipline, tenacious style, solidarity and group spirit, won drill team reputably, revealed forestry adequately serious overall situation of horticultural youth worker, agree to bear hardships, the mental scene of cooperation of be apt to. In the meantime, study of type of this kind of experience invites team member people wait to oneself part, words and deeds, manner undertook thinking over, make oneself get in nature brand-new hammer into shape. Everybody thinks consistently, benefit a lot in extending training this, had new knowledge to oneself and group. Express in succession, should experience oneself, experience translate into to act actually, with consciousness of full enthusiasm, tenacious style and strong group drive, responsibility, devote into career of urban and rural afforest actively, to establish national forest town, make zoology appropriate reside a famous city to make new contribution.

(Reporter: Liu Hao big)

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