Initiative group group goes to Nanjing volunteer disaster area comes to help
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[dragon tiger net reports] in Sichuan aseismatic forefront providing disaster relief, have a civilian volunteer team that comes from Nanjing. Seismic happening the following day, a few outdoors sports fan of our city held water quickly " rescuing team of Nanjing folk obligation " , arrive at Chengdu at 14 days, become an our city the first batch initiative go the volunteer team that disaster area rush to deal with an emergency comes to help. Below the arrangement of local Red Cross, volunteers enter disaster area a gleam of, the wounded of evacuation masses, cure, disappear kills epidemic prevention, extend goods and materials...

Senior " the ass is friendly " on the net team of initiative recruit volunteer

The initiator king of this volunteer team is defended, be senior " the ass is friendly " . After seismic happening, he decides to hold water " rescuing team of Nanjing folk obligation " , enter rescuing operation to a gleam of.

On May 13 afternoon, wang Wei with " stone beats a way 3 " net name is in on the west ancestral temple " the home of plain of short of Wenshui River " post of discussion edition hair, invite the netizen that is willing to head for disaster area to be contacted with him. He asks obedient place arranges the volunteer that sign up, can bear the job of high strenth and psychological pressure, field lives with rescuing experience, doctor, nurse, veteran, athlete waits for first consideration, give the holding cost of travel all at one's own expenses.
After the card is given out, wang Wei's QQ and phone had not stopped, only between half climate, sign up exceed 300 people. On May 14 in the morning, once had been to Sichuan for many times, familiar to country landform Liu Qingning in advance heads for Chengdu, save Red Cross connection with Sichuan. Liu Qingning feedbacked to Wang Wei for a short while the professional that the situation of a disaster and place need most and circumstance of goods and materials.

After Wang Wei gets an information, contact Dong Hang general instantly " the home of plain of short of Wenshui River " the goods and materials such as the first batch of tent that discussion edition collect goes to, flashlight sends toward Chengdu. On May 16 afternoon, 8 volunteers that Wang Wei guides board the plane from salary mouth airport, fly to Sichuan. The volunteer that sets out this, besides more familiar to local landform outdoors motion professional, veteran, still cure protects personnel.

Before the hands or feet in remote mountains is used, past rescue suffers tired villager

Late on May 16, wang Wei and other 8 volunteers arrive at Chengdu double shed the airport. Sichuan saves the Red Cross to send a car to receive volunteers past north plain, enroll them Sichuan saves the Red Cross team of the first deliverance, head for the area that install a county to participate in deliverance.

On May 17, the volunteer just arrives install a county before long, the information that gets local villager is offerred -- beat of beat a drum of boreal plain county presses down 5 stars village double flow to 2 groups survival is stranded in hill. Wang Wei organizes the Xu Peng with the best physical strength in them to be being taken at once other 3 volunteers are headed for come to help.
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