Shi Kefeng sends science and technology go to the countryside during the Spring
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Common saying says " 1000 people cultivate 10 thousand people are fed, work hard one year one spring idle. " during the Spring Festival, the science and technology that organization of Inc. of Shi Kefeng chemical industry established to head with general manager serves instructor group to undertake lecture for the farmer, in order to raise the level of farm of science and technology of the farmer.
"Enterprise of base oneself upon, service 3 farming " , inc. of Shi Kefeng chemical industry all the time since devote oneself to a service 3 farming the job, this company general manager not only set oneself an example to others is begun to basic level countryside farming spend service chair, return what increase pair of company farming to change personnel and sale business personnel vigorously to groom, groom through beginning instructor class, farming change sale personnel to extend training, farming turn the activity such as sale personnel military training the service standard that promotion farming changes personnel and sale business personnel. This company organized instructor group to differ to respectively specific aim ground undertakes many lecture of science and technology is as high as 6000 according to crop of countrywide each district last year, suffer beneficial masses directly nearly 100 thousand person-time. Slack season season is during the Spring Festival, the culture that developed lecture of science and technology to enrich a farmer not only for the farmer lives, also publicized this company image further.

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