Extend training to be able to enhance technical ability as soon as possible
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Turn over a diary that goes to work the first year accidentally, feel time goes so quickly suddenly, years is hasty, 10 years, many days of 3600 day night, die in an instant, not by deep feeling myriad.
Still be being written down so that college graduate works the first times is to be in a well-known insurance company, at the outset interview when besides have outside not be afraid of the spirit that bear hardships, those who remain is passion of have one's bosom filled with, the likelihood is the passion that luck took a fancy to me, I so was admitted. The first day of the job, my mood in fear and trembling, what a day of brief discovery masters from personal place so is so feeble however, so pale. Oneself know why so little, whats do not understand the unit, it is a piece of white paper it seems that. The leader of the unit saw my anxiety it seems that, let old stuff taking me to run a newspaper to each branches formalities, a foregoing months let me follow old stuff to run business, it is to be able to be familiar with business flow, 2 it is the business skill that can learn old stuff, besides these, the company still was offerred for us groom variously, let us these new personality can enhance technical ability as soon as possible, if extend training, psychology trains, ptt grooms let me be benefited blame is shallow, make I grow quickly from a newlywed person that whats do not know into the society first the professional handler that is adroitness of a business. Think now, in the heart very appreciate. If it were not for at the outset the manager of interview gave me this chance, company of if it were not for gave my so good growing environment the possibility I or a very indrawn person, also perhaps won't have me today's.
What is the results that I should ask the job is the biggest in these 10 years, besides encountering good company, I want to say to encounter a good leader also is a person this all one's life a good fortune, I very a few companies that feel happy I had been done in these 10 years, the leader is very good. Subordinate of their show solicitude for, dare to assume responsibility, no matter be to be an upright person,work to go up in their body, I was acquired a lot of. Encountered good leader just about, had their support and care, in 10 years, I work hard, it is model with them everywhere, him business and administrative technical ability get promotion stage by stage, at the same time I help subordinate actively also solve a few difficult problem that in go up and living, the job encounters together, got of company leader and colleague reputably, career flourishing.
Life is several years brief, 10 years of flash and over- , 10 years of this past, gave me good memory. My road still is continueing, working experience of 10 years, abounded the experience of my life, laid solid working foundation for me, I can cherish each day to rise a month to fall, cherish every minutes of minute second that belongs to life, face the life actively, be brave in to accept a challenge, I believe 10 years of henceforth, 20 years, 30 years... and even longer, what I am sure to live is more wonderful!
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