Help child adjusts busy concentrate on more serious things of student of opening
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"Wanted to term begins immediately, but my home child is returned to winter vacation meaning still did not use up, hear term begins two words with respect to the mood bad. Must think way, help him had adjusted the state of mind before term begins. " recently, a lot of student parents are getting busy about helping the child adjust time of work and rest, in order to clear away good humor, receive new term.

"I and former husband divorced last year, the son follows his father. Did not think of time of brief half an year in, son study result glides considerably. At present, be about new
Semester, should cure anyhow his anxiety, cannot delay study again. " these two days, citizen ginger lady often takes son well-off to go psychological advisory room. Ginger lady tells a reporter, after she and former husband divorce, well-off always is the appearance with heavy worry, do not be willing to be communicated with the person. The eye is being looked at be about to term begins, but well-off says he does not want to study again actually, holiday exercise also does not finish on time. Ginger lady is forced to take him to see psychological doctor, hope can the heart tie that as soon as possible opens him.

The reporter understands from advisory room of a few psychology yesterday, they recieved many high school student these days. Huang He of director of referral center of yellow crane psychology says, from the first month of the lunar year first 8 since, referral center of yellow crane psychology already examined many 30 students. Huang He says, some children are heard go to school feel all over afflictive; Some children were used to as a result of holiday keep late hours, draw near to learn biological clock to be adjusted very hard come over; Still some children think oneself a holiday is spent in make up a missed lesson, did not get rest effectively at all, at present should term begins again, they have a variety of complaining to mix inimical psychology. Huang He thinks, should effect a radical cure these problems, need student individual to adjust good intention condition not only, the parent also should meditate oneself educational method, hope children will have a bright future understandable, but cannot too agog.

Except seek psychology to seek advice besides, still a few students attended outdoors extend training. They undertake closing training to Education Foundation along with the group, sleep early everyday rise early, have all sorts of physical training and gout game, the life is arranged compact and contentedly. The extends training Liu Shaoming that just enters a week of by a definite date tells a reporter, he is first 3 students, for hind of half an year in one's deceased father, he should do a lot of exercise in school work everyday. But from morning till night turns round textbook, make his feeling very as dry as a chip mix cheesed. Attend outdoors after extending training, he feels the humor became good a lot of, the body also got taking exercise. Liu Shaoming says, attend such extending appropriately the activity let him establish self-confidence again, believe to meet with groove " prepare for war " new term.
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