Extend training to be in warm up
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Travel is extended, the student is extended, the group is extended, the individual is extended, extend training to be in in recent years swift and violent warm up and become many companies or ability of individual promotion job or the best choice of group spirit, although extend the price of training not to poor, but still do not decrease everybody to be opposite the enthusiasm of this activity. Attend the state of mind that there is perturbed before extending to seek advice from a friend of the firm training that finish, need to mount even taller than the person wall to wanting not to undertake 5000 meters of long-distance running perhaps be denied this kind of problem, her forced smile wears say: Extending training is not physical ability training, train group spirit and the potential that develop oneself to wait a moment however. "What feeling is there after training is over? " , "We did not join any intense campaign, but do not know why, the crew after coming back feels leg of lumbar acerbity backache is jerky, and, seem to be compared really before going, want more had deep love for oneself group " . It is two days of one night nevertheless, be not worth collective activity of 48 hours, what is extending training after all east east the coagulation that can you invite a group actually do force and tacit instant get promotion?

Extended classical project:

1. Trustful buttock


Each members are ordinal from tall the 1.5 buttock of rice topple backward personally continuously on the stage, other member is smooth below buttock stage extend double arm to do protection.

The hand writes down: Very nervous... be afraid that the other side is not caught, also be afraid that oneself are not caught.

2. Break the bridge


Two wide the board of 30 centimeter, topmost interval 1. 2 - 1. 8 meters, this board is apart from the ground 9 meters tall, the member beard that makes an item rises more from a board cross another board to go up to be returned.

The hand writes down: The leg is soft, very soft very soft...

3. Day ladder


3 members are giving aid to each other mount taller than the person ladder.

The hand writes down: Climb most above one class when, the schoolboy below says: Give me your hand, but because I am insufficient tall, the hand is not worn quite he, be forced to say: I can give you without the hand, large area silt is green on the foot when still have even if coming down... .

4. Big baseboard


10 members stand on two board at the same time, advance at the same time.

The hand writes down: Very tired, have the tendency of fall constantly.

5. The hand of angel


Two members are giving aid to each other in 6 meters headroom the steel wire that carries not to exceed 10 meters, there are 3 cords to be able to offer member balance among.

The hand writes down: Above because feared to call the name of a teammate gently, be by team member laugh " butterfly of new an affectionate couple is sent " , I distain them!
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