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The winter comes, lukewarm pelter, your basketball enthusiasm upblaze! The winter that joins this one season immediately makes camp whole star battle array!

The basketball winter of this one season makes battalion general Shanghai male basket advocate handsome, illuminative coach of Yao Ming -- Li Qiuping, plum dedication of directive book of professional basketball secret gives authority.

The basketball essential technique that the winter makes the quality that battalion course uses advanced basketball concept, major is training, strong, outstanding ability tactics accomplishment will arm you, the basketball endowment passion that lets you bursts forth! Powerful coach group, scientific course is installed, reasonable timeline, you refuse without reason!

Make battalion medium in the winter, you will have the daily training of male basket of great shark of Shanghai of favour spot view and emulate, the daily life that sees them lives, see the Liu Wei, Wang Yong, star such as Xu Yong. Must not forget belt good paper and pen to moment!

This winter, hassle is in basketball field, arouse you infinite potential! ALL STAR belongs to you only!

Mobile characteristic:

· to potential battalion member, carry Shanghai male basket to try train directly.

· results from professional basketball of Li Qiuping trains.

The member that · emphasizes training camp people cooperative force, solidarity force, leader force, communication force.

The ability that · lives independently, of volitional character take exercise.

· has the school yard of peacock, curassow, static meaning, comfortable, assured to train and rest efficiently.

· extends the affiliation of training, the member that allow run has more perfect moral quality.

Hold time and place:

· time: On January 27, 2008 - on Feburary 3, 2008 (8 days)

· place: Shanghai learns in 7 treasure

Recruit students object:

1, the age is in the adolescent of 7-19 one full year of life

2, healthy, have good habits and customs and provide for oneself ability.

Introduction of persons qualified to teach:

08 " ALL STAR " basketball winter makes battalion will hold the position of total scheme and total coach personally by Li Qiuping, be opposite by CBA profession player battalion member the guidance that has professional science.

About battalion area:

The 7 treasure middle school that is located at area of Shanghai Min travel is Shanghai 11 modern high levels lodge make one of high school, the accommodation condition of battalion area is advantageous, air conditioning room, have bathing house. The school deploys 24 hours of security personnel to defend campus safety, at the same time the winter makes battalion counsellor join whole journey nurse battalion student, in order to ensure what student trains to go up with the life is convenient.

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