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Wearing often guide Chinese male platoon to prepare for war 1981 world cup when, on September 5, a boy drops in Shanghai quack the ground. Do not have a person to be able to think of, after 26 years, the brother that will be this boy and him are finished together wear old unexhausted to dream. He is Shen Qiong, chinese male platoon currently holds the post ofcaptain.

Experienced 1981 brilliant later, chinese male platoon walks along trough slowly. Arrive again to Wang Jiawei from Shen Fulin Di An and, fail to have Olympic Games of opportunity go on an expedition again. Although male platoon " rise to power and position " antedate women's volleyball, but the women's volleyball has been Olympic Games champion nowadays, male platoon wanders outside Olympic Games gate however, do not make a person regretful how. Now, china lends an Olympic Games east wind, obtain automatically take part in the match qualification, currently hold the post ofadvocate handsome Zhou Jianan will guide Shen Qiong this batch " 80 hind " the heavy responsibility that carries a history jointly.

In Di An and concealed drop back, zhou Jianan has received ferula. He thinks of above all, not be how to adjust ability tactics, how to exercise physical ability, however the spirit of the team and soul, this and the case 26 years ago are a little similar. Of course, catchword should change somewhat. The heat that Zhou Jianan aimed at a youth to like sows teleplay " bright sword " , he asks team member serves as a man, as collective of a battle, must want to have dare to see with adversary bayonet red, precipitant courage and uprightness is temperamental, should resemble " bright sword " Li Liyun dragon has panther mind in that way. He emphasizes the cohesive affinity of the team and battle drive, accordingly, the first time of new male platoon trains the class is outdoors actually to extend what spend in training. Time is casual escape, male platoon experienced China last year the failure of the world cup, experienced this year of league matches of world male platoon brilliant, they are getting ready wait for hair, lay Olympic Games competition ground.

Nowadays, contest of world cup male platoon has entered end, the world cup that attends without Chinese team surpasses the reaction cold and cheerless in home, but no matter be team member, still be ordinary common people, believe hold back became sufficient strong, preparation is Chinese male platoon to call a heart-stirring catchword again on the Beijing Olympic Games of next year.

Solidarity rises, chinese banzai!

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