Min county is severe hit punish to build harmony to develop an environment
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Recently, government of county Party committee of county of Gansu Province Min, county is chance with carrying out the seventeen great mind that fulfils a party seriously, exert oneself builds harmonious development environment up and down in entire county, in prefectural politics and law appoint below unified leader, put the outstanding issue that be in in the light of urban and rural security of society, analyse research seriously, make plan meticulously, constituent dominant position alarm force, take capable step, begin father dozen of punish action. Overall situation fluctuates, make concerted effort, solidarity, because dare make tough fight to difficulty, do not divide day and night, fight bravely gallantly, inside time of many short days 20, gained level sex victory. Make in the city zone, the Qin Dynasty early or late, 10 lis, in the villages and towns such as stockaded village, Lv Jing uncovers criminal case 53 cases, occupy this year yuan 54% what reach what this kind of case uncovers since October.

Held water to hold the post of a group leader by public security director on the county, other bureau heads the leader group that holds the post of assistant group leader, organize in all alarm force 150, among them, public security policeman 98 name, policemans 12, assist alarm 20 name, armed polices 30, cent is detected for the case, patrol check, set card to intercept, logistics safeguard, alarm Wu superintend 5 groups, made " center unified travel to move the first battle to implement plan " , ensure to measure of measure of goal assignment, method, work, logistics, the respect such as superintend of constituent discipline, spot made clear demand. Patrol check group attachs most importance to a dot with the city zone, adopt the method that is united in wedlock publicly with confidential look, hold to day and night to patrol, stay at a selected grass-roots unit to help improve its work and gain first hand experience for guiding overall work expect, interrogate and examine is doubtful personnel, deal with active illegal criminality, hunt down the member that carry the lethal weapon such as firearms, chopper, dagger, steel tube and the illegal crime suspect that carry explosive article illegally early or late in the city zone 23, the spot deals with the provoke affray, public security case that beats up other, disturbed order 5. Awe crime, upheld order, public security of the city zone improves somewhat, masses safety feeling increases somewhat. In the light of partial area rogue common people of home village or town of vicious power infestation, bully and oppress, bully goes to take bluff bully city, by force to want, the problem of disturbance of the peace, organize keen-witted and capable force, adopt visit masses, planted agent to investigate, secret cloth accuses to wait for a method, with one action destroys gang of scampish vicious power 7, arrest gang member 25.

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