The world of group of challenge ego fusion extends training without the thief
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Challenge ego, fusion group, the world of golden corner group extends training consummation without wicked career ministry! In August 2008 27-30 day, group of Beijing gold corner was begun " the Olympic Games that put a song, passion is extended " activity. Participate in this second activity for total courtyard of Beijing building materials employee of each career department reachs a leader the 3rd batch of personnel, mobile place reachs Beijing gold outlying place in area of scene of loose hill forest the 8 hot spring that amount to mountain cross false village.
This second extending training is the building materials total courtyard in subordinate of Jin Yu group during each career ministry overfulfils an Olympic Games satisfactorily each task index, extremely spread out below the big foreground of the success that cooperated 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Especially the 3 big themes that the world is Beijing Olympic Games without wicked career ministry " Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games " medium " green Olympic Games " made positive contribution. Below the requirement of the make still further progress, this second extend training to basically be contained the following two purposes- -


1, successful psychology trains: Extending training is one aims to assist an enterprise to promote the training of employee core value the process, through training course can extend the potential of company staff effectively, promotion and quality of aggrandizement individual psychology, help company staff is built exalted and the character of dignity; Let group member learn individual and business can deeplier at the same time between, inferior with superior between, between employee and employee the relation of be as close as lips and teeth, inspire a group thereby more expensive work is true-blue and go all out in work the motivation of innovation, diplomatic corps team is richer cohesive affinity.

2, group collaboration trains: Extending training is one models the group vigor, training course that drives the ceaseless rise in value that the organization grows. It is training of simulation of type of a when cooperate technically to contemporary company undertakes the group builds need and be designed outdoors experience, this is current Europe, beauty and Asia a kind of when place of large business organization adopts effective training mode; Training content is rich and vivid, implied meaning profundity, open fit in order to experience to be educational measure, the training that student participates in will make their lifelong and unforgettable experience, the deep sense of implied meaning of the place in allowing each series activity thereby and idea, can firmly ground take root is mixed in the group of every member subconscious in, and can be in due effectiveness volatilizes in in the future job collaboration. Through extending training, student will have in the following respect rise significantly: Recognize oneself potential, enhance self-confident heart, improve oneself image; Overcome psychological laziness, the perseverance of difficulty of harden oneself conquer; Inspire imagination and creativity, increase the capacity that solves a problem; Know the effect of the group, promotional the participation to collective consciousness and responsibility heart; Improve human relation, more harmonious ground and group cooperate; Learn appreciation, attention and care nature.
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