Extend groom
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Extend groom, be regarded as the study method with a kind of modern and contemporary brand-new organization and training manner, it is the important step that quality fosters. Drive standard of industry of this one rising sun to develop, to fusion group spirit, strengthen cohesive affinity and centripetal force, promotional society harmony has active and far-reaching sense. For as soon as possible of normative Tianjin extend groom industry, directional extend association hand in hand " economic weekly " held " extend groom industry standard is imperative " thematic salon. This second theme salon, aim to drive extend groom industry health develops, seek the normative market, new thinking that establishs occupation standard. Make extend groom can be the economic construction, success that develops Olympic Games of open, Beijing to hold contributive power truly. Around move extend groom industry development existing state of affairs and trend, establish perfect industry standard, make integral brand, accelerate an industry the problem honored guests such as development undertook be discussinged deep.

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