Extend the arrival that trains competitive times
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How to drive the weak force of Chinese enterprise to build quickly? The reporter understands from association of industry of Chinese soft actual strength, according to the need that the country admits, this association will pass schoolroom of academic communication, advisory attestation, business in succession at present, extend training, forum to be able to be exhibited wait for a form, much channel begins company weak force of China to groom, among them transmission of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of weak force canal, weak force learns, the course such as weak force psychology have not is involved and earnestly needs to enrich to home the tall canal of a lot of enterprises is told. This association predicts to be in future inside 5 years preliminary make Chinese mainstream enterprise preliminary have capacity of weak force competition, enough and international are formed in home the system of Chinese economy soft strength that strong company contends. In the meantime, association still needs the basis, wait for a form through aid of talent education, strategy guiding, resource, undertake for Chinese enterprise the weak force natural resources of many sided is outputted.

Affect the strategic course of the world as 21 centuries, soft mechanical in making prospective international economy, direct company science grows, the dominant course that leads the administrative levels such as the economy between the country, culture competition then. Association expert is forecasted, accompanying our country soft mechanical development gains ground, around of 21 centuries metaphase, chinese weak force will become the powerful force that affects world economy situation gradually.

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