Speech of large encourage annals meets city of 2008 Fujian spring
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Speech of large encourage annals meets city of 2008 Fujian spring

Release immanent infinite energy

Sponsor: The talent teachs fontal city sea on the west city of spring of school Sales institute grooms net

Couplet does: Field of office of state of spring of net of good job talent

Time: On September 7, 2008 (weekday) afternoon 13:30-18:00
The article publishs Yu Borui | Boraid |
Place: Big public house of fontal city diamond

Investment: 280 yuan / person (include to groom among them cost, data cost, refreshments cost) member of   Sales institute: 50 yuan / person

Advisory person: Mr Yang Mr. Liu seeks advice from a hot line: 0595-22992878   seeks advice from QQ: 383534237

Honored guest of give a lecture: Liu Yan -- Chinese sale actual combat trains allow adviser, chinese gold group is predominant cohesive affinity allow adviser, sell incentive expert, the mainland " mad speech " start a person, 99 years Xiamen head platinum sells the first, drive of 3 bright successes learns one of initiator, 2004 Oriental estrade are the most welcome groom instructor, attestation of international profession qualification grooms master, alibaba sojourns instructor, division of the example inside well-known company, famous extend training division, class A markets a train, top class conviction trains an adviser, guidance of undergraduate obtain employment grooms master!

Release immanent infinite energy

Coach of your sale actual combat: Chinese sale actual combat trains allow adviser Mr. Liu Yan

Mr. Liu Yan in order to exceed the time of 16 years of above, of the billionaire of 60 the millionaire that studies 50 above, above achieve rich mode, research and development gives the training course of a system, include to sell, persuade, the domain such as cohesive affinity of drive of speech of be on sale, public, psychological, manner, communication negotiation, group, helped about a hundred company directly the change of character of the promotion that hundred thousands of person gets a career, life!

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