Shan sets award of 1 million yuan of new students not to give to Number One Scho
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Dispatch of head of our newspaper Shan (reporter Chen Zhengxin's trainee Ceng Rui of reporter of 10 thousand just) mark of the university entrance exam had be notted announce, amount of Shan head university 1 million yuan " fellowship of remarkable new life " the plan has been started. This is by Shan head university Li Jiacheng foundation is special this year allocate funds those who establish. "Home fellowship of present college new student is the person that be aimed at bear the palm of Number One Scholar of the university entrance exam, contest and the student that have special skill or knowledge, but the new student fellowship of Shan head university will raise those with Yu Pei " prospective leader " , not only achievement talking. " yesterday, li Dan teachs assistant of president of Shan head university to say to reporter introduction.

Last night, 17 candidate that come from countrywide each district ended by a definite date 3 days greatly in Shan " cacique ability trains battalion " activity. In 3 days, 17 candidate attended not to have a leader panel discussion, communicate commencement of experience, view and emulate with outstanding Shan undergraduate, undertake extending training waiting to barback. Shan head university will make comprehensive assessment to the circumstance of these students. "Passed ' cacique ability trains battalion ' make an on-the-spot investigation, the final person that be seleted can share 1 million yuan new student fellowship. " Li Dan expresses.

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