"Experience type " study of a rally to pledge resolution before going to war aid
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Contest signs up for dispatch (reporter He Yang) a few days ago, incomplete abstruse group of place of big family restaurant is in east straight door middle school held a plenary meeting of special a rally to pledge resolution before going to war, many 300 group member is passed undertake extending training jointly with 39 physical disabilities personages, clear experience arrived how to pass information well and truly the disabled, how to work effectively in coordination with group member.

Group member and physical disabilities personage are mixed make up for 5 groups, in same time last of every group receive a brief note that writes word of know exactly about sth from inside extending training teacher hand, requirement panel member does not adopt a language, ordinal a person, the person of foremost face keeps gotten number on blackboard, in the match inside formulary time which group passes information the most accurate. After game ends, members shared what groom this to experience. A lot of people express to pass this game to be experienced communicate ceaselessly with group member and trust each other, ability finishs a group smoothly work. The obstacle that and clear experience arrived physical disabilities person faces, acquired a few skill that communicate with physical disabilities person.

Staff member of many 100 group, with come from boreal division outside big, north, diplomatic institute, 2 outside, assist many 260 volunteer that waits for a school with hospital, Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended to extend training this jointly.

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